is delighted to be working on a documentary about the transformative power of surfing. While many consider surfing a hedonistic pursuit where individuals selfishly seek out moments of flow state through wave riding, there is much more to the surfing experience than this.

Surfing teaches courage, patience and mindfulness. It also forces the surfer into a place of discomfort from which growth is possible.

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A Dash Media production, in conjunction with Live for More, directed by Bradley Hook.

The film follows the journey of several young men who embrace surf therapy as part of their rehabilitation program. The story takes viewers on a journey from troubled pasts, abusive relationships, drugs and addiction to the freedom found through riding waves.

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Having shot most of the footage required for the film we now require assistance to have it properly produced. Live for More have set up a crowdfunding page here:

Please help us finish this film and share the transformative power of surfing.

About Live for More

Live for More uses surfing to engage troubled young people. We run a surf therapy programme called Tai Wātea, which translates to Waves of Freedom.

This therapeutic group programme uses surfing as an effective clinical tool to engage young people who may not respond well to typical intervention. The concept of surfing is also a tangible and understandable analogy for life which is woven throughout the clinical group work. An example of this is how in surfing when we fall we must get back on the board, and in life we must persevere and never give up.

Live for More endeavours to sow hope into young people who are caught up in the justice system and lifestyles of drug and alcohol abuse.

We believe that every single young person can have a meaningful and successful future, regardless of their past decisions and where they have come from.

We know that with the right support and encouragement, young people are able to make better decisions and turn their lives around for a healthier future.

Live for More does not believe in a ‘too hard basket’. We believe that every single young person has value, should be treated with respect and deserves a chance.

We look beyond the hardened exteriors that many young people have, and we see the latent potential that lies within. We endeavour to extract this potential and empower these young people to live for more.

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