Wardrobe Essentials for a Girls Surf Trip

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In an earlier post, we talked about preparing for your next surf vacation. Once you’ve picked the location, booked your accommodation and organised your travel, the next step is to pack.

You might already have an idea of what you should bring, considering you’ve probably been on one or two surfing trips already, but how often do you away and realize there was something you forgot to pack, or wish you brought that one specific item along? No matter how well-travelled you are, a packing list will always come in handy.

Surf Apparel Guide for Women

Let’s start off with the gear you’ll need for your surf sessions.

Bikinis: Two-pieces are great for mixing and matching, although you might want to leave the string ones at home to avoid losing them in the ocean. Skimpy is not the way to go for a surfer. Think athletic bikinis, ones that will offer support without the risk of falling off, getting tangled or caught on anything. For the tops, go for sports-bra types, and for bottoms, opt for boyshorts, high-waist, and anything with a thicker band.

Board shorts: Helping you cover up while surfing or lounging on the beach, a collection of boardshorts are an absolute must for male and female surfers. Every serious surf brand offers a range of boardshorts for both genders.

One-piece swimsuits: Unlike bikinis, one-pieces are guaranteed to stay on, even if you get swept by a wave. Plus, they can totally be worn off the beach.

Sarongs: Once you’re done surfing, it’s important to wrap up to keep you warm from the ocean breeze. Sarongs come in many different styles from contemporary to boho, so you can take control of your beach style, post-surf.

Sports Bras: Don’t have any athletic two-pieces? Bring your bottoms anyway and pair them with sports bras instead!

Surf Leggings: As a contributor of Surfd indicated, wetsuits can be overkill and uncomfortable in warmer weather, so trade them for surf leggings. These leggings combine yoga vibes with surfer style, giving you a whole new look.

Zip-up rash guards: Some swimsuits come with a built-in rash guard, but for those that feel restricted by them, zippered rash guards offer the freedom to take them off immediately after surfing. Plus, the zip-up variety is easier to remove. No more getting your head stuck or hair pulled as you’re taking the rash guard off.

  1. Sienna Tank by Vitamin A
  2. Toko Swim Boardshorts by Billabong
  3. V-Neck Skimpy-Fit One-Piece Swimsuit by Lululemon
  4. Women’s R1® Lite Yulex® Long-Sleeved Wetsuit Top by Patagonia
  5. New Beach Day Multi-Wear Sarong by Roxy
  6. Surf Leggins by Salt Gypsy

Wardrobe Basics

While it may be a surf vacation, you won’t be surfing the entire time. Be sure to pack the following to maintain that down-to-earth boho aesthetic, along with your personal basics to complete the look, such as tees, denim shorts, etc.

Blanket Shirts: Essential for surfer fashion, blanket shirts provide warmth while maintaining breathability, so you won’t overheat. Throw it on over your bikini and pair it with skinny white denim, or wear it like a dress with shorts underneath.

Clogs: Lightweight and the perfect shoes to wear on the sand and off, clogs will protect your feet and offer way more support than the regular flip flop. Choose classic, easy-to-slip-on clogs for daytime adventures, or opt for more sophisticated styles for your evening plans.

Handmade Accessories: Layered necklaces or bracelets are key for accessorizing, with woven bracelets and necklaces with handmade pendants totally screaming “surfer girl.”

Sandals: Flip flops are a natural addition to the packing list, but don’t forget to bring sandals as well. You could even go for leather slides if you’re looking for something less fussy and more laidback.

  1. Women’s Blanket Shirt by Outerknown
  2. Pura Vida Rose Gold Wave Bracelet
  3. Cushion Sage Suede by Reef
  4. Cushion Rem Hi by Reef

Happy packing!

Article by Jasmin White