Red Bull launches the world’s first surfboard sharing service in Rio

On February 14, the city of Rio de Janeiro welcomed an unprecedented activation for surfing fans: the world’s first surfboard sharing service. The idea was developed using the sharing economy concept, guaranteeing the inclusion and experience of all people interested in surfing, regardless of skill level.

Created by the Brazilian advertising agency DPZ&T, this partnership between Red Bull and Grin features specialised surfboard lockers, located at 4 different beaches until March 8. The beaches are Arpoador, Barra da Tijuca, Ipanema and Leblon.

Brazil is leading the world in surfing talent, with Italo Ferreiro and Gabriel Madina ranked number 1 and 2 respectively. Filipe Toledo is always in the top 10 and Yago Dora threatens to make a huge impact in 2020.

After Brazil won 4 of the last 6 WSL championships, the concept for this campaign is to share the love of surfing by making the sport more democratic and giving wings to future new talent in the country.

Perhaps surfboard ownership is a thing of the past? Like renting a scooter or sharing an Uber, future generations will simply grab a board from a digitally enabled locker at the local beach.

In the meanwhile, renting a Red Bull surfboard is simple. Just like a bike or scooter, you download a specific app – made by Grin – scan the QR Code on the locker, paddle out and start catching waves. The cost is 5.00 BRL (1.16 USD) for 20 minutes of use.

“The sharing economy is a worldwide reality already. We took advantage of this dynamic to give a little push and encourage even more people to embrace surfing as a sport this summer,” said Rafael Ziggy, DPZ&T’s executive creative director.

Surfboard sharing around the world

When can we expect to see surfboard sharing in every major surf city around the world? Perhaps it’s not far away. Imagine brands like Firewire and Al Merrick offering lockers in every surf town. Maybe if you love the board you have an option to buy it – using your mobile phone of course – and the company simply re-stocks the locker the next day.

I’m loving the concept.

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Athlete in the photos: Lucas ‘Chumbo’ Chianca (Red Bull Brazil sponsored surfer).