Sayulita Surf Guide

As the world begins to slowly, cautiously open up, a peak of hope arises on the horizon: surf travel may soon be possible once more. But where to go? Well, if you find your feet restless, your board bag gathering dust, your wetsuit a little tight with that quarantine 15, and your wallet a little lighter after those months without work, don’t stress. That surf trip is still possible, those waves still rideable, those fun times and wetsuit-free waves are beaconing. 

In just over two hours of masked flight time from LAX to Puerto Vallarta hardly makes a dent in your pandemic-diminished funds. At $147, it’s easy to pack a bag and make a trip for some swell south of the border.  A taxi drive away from the big city is Sayulita, a charming artsy surf town nestled in the jungle of Riviera Nayarit. The coastal hamlet is one of Mexico’s safest and gringo-friendly destinations. The fishing village is a walkable 15 minutes end-to-end. It’s center pulsates positive vibes with its cobblestone streets and festive flags stretching from building to building. At every corner you’ll find vegan eats, sushi, almond milk lattes, acai bowls, and fish tacos galore. Follow the few narrow lanes that make up the main streets of this pueblito as they wind past local art galleries, pottery and textile boutiques, and funky bars with margaritas and cervezas for all. 

Beachgoers are drawn to the protected sandy shores of the crescent bay. The warm salt water offers a beginner friendly, fun-for-all surf break, ideal for longboarders. If you want a more challenging wave, a chartered boat can take you to one of the several remote destinations just outside Sayulita proper where you can score wave after wave, just you and your crew. 

Rentals are easy and all the gear is readily available for fishing, SUP, surfing, and kayaking. There are numerous zen-friendly yoga studios for your post surf down-dogs and massages are reasonably priced making a spa day for the ladies irresistible. 

So what are you waiting for? The sandy beaches of the quaint artsy meets surf village of Sayulita are calling!

Need rec’s? Here’s where to stay and what to do:

Where to Stay

  • Hotelito Los Suenos –
    • 2 Pools
    • Yoga classes offered daily
    • Breakfast included
  • El Pueblito Sayulita –
    • Pool
    • Rooftop yoga
    • Rooms & Suites w/kitchen 
    • Restaurant and bar on site

SUP & Surf 

  • LunaAzul –
    • Lessons by locals and pros
    • Boat day trips
    • SUP & Surf rentals
    • Showers & Lockers
    • Beach front location for easy access
  • Stand Up Sayulita
    • SUP & Surf rentals


Yoga & Wellness Spa

  • Selina –
    • Yoga, massage, mindfulness, workshops
  • Paraiso Yoga –
    • Yoga studio
  • Bendita Waxing Studio & Spa
    • Nails, massage, waxing, facials, eyebrows, eyelashes

Drinks & Dining

  • El Break ($)
    • Beachfront cafe featuring smoothies, full bar, salads, and traditional Mexican food
  • Don Pedros ($$$)
    • Beachfront fine dining featuring full bar and appetizers, entrees, and desserts
  • Tierra Viva ($$)
    • Streetside cafe and adjoining terrace dining featuring full bar, sushi, salads, and traditional Mexican food
    • Wifi
  • Yam Bak ($)
    • Full bar in the heart of town overlooking the city center 
  • Rustica ($$$)
    • Fine Italian dining with terrace seating option and a full bar. Featuring pizzas, pastas, and salads.
  • Taste of Sayulita ($$)
    • Streetside cafe with terrace seating serving generous dinner portions of traditional Mexican food. Full bar service available. 
  • The Garden ($$)
    • Vegan, vegetarian, and fresh-made smoothies, salads, sandwiches, breakfast, lunch, and dinner bites. Bar and coffee drinks available. 
    • Wifi