Mick Fanning’s Journey with REEF

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REEF have announced the signing of longtime brand fan, advocate and surfing great, Mick Fanning, for another decade of partnership! As the man behind the hard-working Fanning sandal featuring an iconic built-in bottle opener, Mick’s relationship with REEF has spanned twenty years and with this new partnership, a new chapter to continue the momentum and collaboration will be forged.

We caught up with Mick to discuss this sponsorship milestone.

Interview with Mick Fanning

Hey Mick, hope you’re well. Can you think of a word to describe the two decades you’ve been with REEF?  

FUN. All the decades have all been fun. Even though I’ve worked with different people the core of having fun was always there.

What have you liked most about the evolution of REEF as a brand? 

The different opportunities to go on adventures. Really got to explore places that I necessarily wouldn’t have gone to. 

When last did you open a bottle with your signature sandal? What was the beverage and where were you? 

A beer last week 

What have you enjoyed most about transitioning from full-time competitive surfing to your new life? Are you glad you retired pre-COVID? 

Family! Nothing better than watching my family grow. Covid is something we have to live with but would have been nice to have a year off on tour haha.

The future with REEF

With Mick’s strong belief in REEF’s mission and the brand’s admiration of his dedication to his sport and philanthropy, this relationship continues to stand test of time. Through the years, life has also brought on new and inspiring adventures for Mick, ushering in new collaboration potential with REEF. As a new dad, the next wave of Mick’s partnership with the brand will include products for kids and new concepts that continue the legacy of his signature “Fanning” franchise, among others.

Mick also continues to use his platform to help underprivileged and underserved people in need and REEF wants to be a lead partner that supports his positive pursuits in uplifting communities. 

In celebration of the partnership, REEF is taking a little trip down memory lane on social with Mick. Check out never before seen surf footage put together over the last twenty years below.

Triptych: a 3-part movie about Mick Fanning

Film by: Vaughan Blakey & Nick Pollet
Shot by: Simon “Shagga” Saffigna
Additional footage by: Nick Pollet & Tim Bonython

1/3 – Boathouse by Les Krills
2/3 – Bring a Brick by Le Shiv
3/3 – Alive Again by Baby