Lightning Bolt Celebrates 50 Years

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What does Lightning Bolt mean to you? Do you associate the brand with Gerry Lopez, dropping down into a Pipeline cavern? Or perhaps world champion Margo Oberg threading a Backdoor tube. For many, the brand is associated with a bright yellow surfboard (think the Craig Hollingsworth fish) bearing the bolt insignia.

A beloved part of the surf industry, Lightning Bolt celebrates 50 years of action in 2021.

For Lightning Bolt, a universal lifestyle symbol, these 5 decades represent a golden era. There are stories to share beyond the golden years of surfing (the ‘70s).

For that reason, the brand has just launched a digital magazine and a commemorative video highlighting the main events of its 50 years.

According to Sandra Gonçalves, CEO of the brand, “what best defines us and what we have most important to share are real experiences. An authenticity attested by the undeniable legacy of our founders and greatest surfers in the world, as well as by the spirit and talent of the new generations who feel identified with the brand”.

Thus, throughout the year, Lightning Bolt will celebrate the achievements of everyone who is part of its history. A differentiating and unique storytelling, which reinforces the positioning in the lifestyle segment: “since the beginning, the brand is far beyond surfing as just a sport. The core message is that surfing is a lifestyle that, together with the adventurous spirit and values such as tolerance, stimulates
physical and mental development, allowing a deep connection with Nature. Our goal is to continue building a community and raise awareness towards sustainability”. There is a lot more to come!

Gerry Lopez, the co-founder of the brand and a legendary surfer/shaper, shares these stories in the first person.

New Lightning Bolt website

Living the present and planning the future with respect for the past is the focus of the brand, which is why Lightning Bolt has also just launched a new website.

Following technological developments and digital trends, particularly in the “new” normality imposed by the pandemic context, the Lightning Bolt website is now faster and more intuitive.

Accessibility, navigability, and content organization have been revised. Likewise, in-store news, different product subcategories, and special offers are highlighted in the menu and homepage navigation.
With an increasingly diversified offering, answering to current market needs and lifestyles, Lightning Bolt remains focused on providing a personalized and complete after-sales service.

These have been the pillars of the brand over the years: authenticity, respect, sharing, commitment, trust, and quality.

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