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At Surfd, we believe that surf products and accessories should be designed and manufactured with sustainability in mind. That’s why we were excited to connect with the friendly crew from The Someday Co. who have created a surf retail experience that consists entirely of environmentally-friendly products. Founded on the Northern Beaches of Sydney they are on a mission to educate and inspire consumers to make more conscious choices when purchasing apparel and accessories.

This led them to partnering with a number of innovative brands including Salt Gypsy, Sun & Earth, LovEarth, EcoFit and many more.

We believe it’s a really powerful thing to be able to vote for the planet via your habits as a consumer – we know there is always more to be done, always a better way – so we’re constantly improving our ways of working, asking ourselves how we can do better & be better.

The Someday Co.

Personal and planetary wellbeing is critical to enjoyment of the surfing lifestyle. If we’re unwell or the local beach is polluted with plastic and industrial waste then surfing is no fun.

To optimise our experience we need to take time to care for body, mind – and nature – both in and out of the water. Reducing our environmental footprint is an important start. But that doesn’t mean settling for substandard gear or accessories. Enjoy the following round up of products – all available on The Someday Co’s website.

Sun & Earth Natural Zinc SPF30

It’s no secret that prolonged sun exposure takes its toll on the skin – yet some sunscreens feature a chemical cocktail that is as damaging as the sun’s radiation. Finding natural products that actually work is an ongoing quest for the environmentally-minded surfer. Enter Sun & Earth’s excellent tinted zinc. We tested this product in harsh southern hemisphere summer conditions with excellent results.

The zinc is soft and pliable, easy to spread and long-lasting. We surfed for 2+ hours and found that the product was still effective.

Ingredients are so natural you could (almost) eat them:

  • Beeswax
  • Cacoa Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Iron Oxide 
  • Non Nano Zinc Oxide ( Active Ingredient )  

LovEarth Yoga Mat

Yoga is one of the best forms of cross-training for surfers. Whether you’re into yin, which is super slow and deep stretching, or more active forms of yoga, the benefits in flexibility will improve your surfing.

Most yoga mats are made from PVC, a material that is harmful to the environment to manufacture and takes up to 1000 years to biodegrade. LovEarth is committed to making yoga plastic free. Their mats made from natural materials including jute and tree rubber and they’re fully biodegradable. You can even chuck them in the compost when you’re done.

We love the texture of the mat – it provides excellent grip combined with exactly the right amount of cushion. The latest version even contains an odor control treatment that inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria. Definitely choose LovEarth as your mat when it is time to upgrade your yoga gear.

The Surfer’s Bucket List Towel by The Summer Chaser

Imagine a fast-drying beach towel that is sand resistant, lightweight and made from recycled plastic bottles. Now add a secret corner pocket, handy carry bag, super soft texture and a list of the world’s best surf spots. Meet the Surfer’s Bucket List towel by The Summer Chaser, who are an Australian brand based out of Melbourne.

Their mission is to reduce the impact of plastic waste on our planet by offering premium travel towels that are stylish, versatile and easy to carry.

Surf spots on the towel include Teahupo’o, J Bay, Bells, Pipeline and many more. If you’re heading on a trip to your favorite surf spot (or just for a swim) this towel will take up no space in your luggage. Incidentally, if you’re a yogi, this towel is a perfect accompaniment for your next class.

  • Full Size: 180cm x 76cm / 71 x 29 inches
  • Secret zipper pocket to stash your phone and keys
  • Packs down small & comes with a matching carry bag
  • Vibrant & stylish print
  • Sand resistant & super absorbent
  • Dries much quicker than a cotton terry towel
  • No musty smell – less washing to save precious water
  • Easy to wash – colours do not fade
  • Butter soft, yet super tough – designed for adventure

EcoFit Sports Shorts

The Someday Co features many options for sustainable boardshorts, featuring brands like Riz Boardshorts and South Beach Boardies. Aligned with our focus on eco-friendly active gear we decided to try out the Engage 2 IN 1 Layered Shorts by EcoFit.

These shorts feature a sweat-wicking compression inner, which feels great while practising yoga or heading for a jog. Compression technology increases blood circulation and oxygen to the muscles when exercising, while reducing the build-up of lactic acid so you recover faster.

Personally, I like the aesthetics – especially how the outer layer reveals the EcoFit logo on the compression inner underneath. The shorts include hidden phone pockets, a zipped back pocket and a built in towel holder. So whether you’re heading to yoga, crossfit, a walk or a run these shorts are up to the challenge.

The inner is made of 73% recycled polyester and 27% spandex. The outer is 100% polyester. We love how waste plastic can be transformed into stylish activewear and hope you will support innovative brands like EcoFit, who are on a mission to make sustainable activewear affordable and accessible to everyone.

Go shopping

The Someday Co website is super easy to use. You can search by product type or from their extensive list of partner brands. They’re based in Australia but ship everywhere.

Demonstrating their commitment to the environment, The Someday Co is enrolled in the 1% for the Planet program, meaning that every year they support environmental causes all over the world.

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