Kai Lenny discusses his surfboard coffee table designs

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Surfing Hall of Famer and pro waterman Kai Lenny just launched a debut collection with Salty Furniture, the original surfboard coffee table.

The limited release collection features two handcrafted coffee tables made of authentic surfboard blanks. The Kai Lenny Black Edition is a tribute to the psychedelic 1970’s surfing era, while the Kai Lenny Alaïa Edition honors Lenny’s Hawaiian roots.

We connected with Kai to discuss his collaboration with Salty Furniture (and much more)…

Hey Kai, congratulations on the collaboration with Salty Furniture. What have you enjoyed most about the project?

I have really enjoyed working on something that is so different from surfing but all at the same time similar because of the table concept. In my life I love finding inspiration from the things that I love to do. The idea is to have the table to inspire people to go surf or remember their last great session. That was an exciting component to doing this with Salty Furniture.

We like both of your coffee table models. Can you talk us through your creative design process?

I really wanted a design that captured the roots I have in Hawaii, one that is a throwback to the ancient surfboards but with a modern component added. The other one I wanted to be sleek and look like the weather patterns I see everyday on forecasts.

You’re a surfing hall of famer and one of the most admired watermen in the world. Do you see interior design as a part of your future? Or do you have other creative projects planned? Which mediums do you have in mind?

The door is wide open for more creative projects like this one. With the time I’m not on the water I want to be inspired by my surroundings on land. Everything is about living with a connection to the ocean and being inspired to improve my skills everyday. For now the Tables are a good starting point, we will see what the future holds. I will have a Big Wave Surfing book coming out that will be a great table item with many crazy stories and wild pictures.

Who or what inspires you?

I’m often inspired by people who are pushing their limits in sport or their creativity in their craft. Everyday I find something new to be inspired by. Places are very interesting, they can leave an indelible mark. I’m currently in Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia and this place is magical, something really out of a dream. The Hindu temples and The culture surrounding them has me thinking in different ways.

What are you most looking forward to over the next 3 months?

I am looking forward to developing boards that’ll allow my weight riding scale to improve exponentially. I’m currently in Indonesia but I’m just as excited to go to the wave pool in Texas in order to push my athletic ability. As long as I’m improving I’m trying to find ways to adapt to the surroundings around me.

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Get yourself a limited edition item from Kai Lenny’s collection at Salty Furniture.