Surfer Profile: Layne Beachley

Seven-time world champion Layne Beachley is widely regarded as  one of the most successful competitive surfers in history and was a true pioneer for women’s surfing.

The only surfer to claim six consecutive world titles, Layne’s career included 19 years on tour where she enjoyed 29 event victories. 

An officer of the order of Australia, Chair of Surfing Australia, and founder of the Awake Academy, Layne’s post tour life is a full one.

Her sights are firmly set on cultivating connection, growth and happiness in humanity via her numerous projects.

Place of BirthManly, New South Wales, Australia
HometownManly, New South Wales, Australia
Year of BirthMay 24, 1972
Weight125 lbs (57 kg)
Height5 ft, 5 in (165cm)
First Season1993 Women’s CT


  • #18 Women’s CT 2009
  • 2 Heat wins
  • 8.61 Avg. heat score
  • 0.00 Avg. wave score

Event Wins

Women’s Championship Tour

2006Billabong Girls Pro – 1st place
2004Roxy Pro – 1st place
2003Roxy Pro – 1st place
2002Roxy Pro – 1st place
2001Billabong Pro Tahiti – 1st place
2000Billabong Pro Gold Coast – 1st place
Elleven Pro Women’s – 1st place
Rip Curl Pro – 1st place
Quiksilver Roxy Pro – 1st place
1999Sunsmart Classic – 1st place
Diet Coke Classic – 1st place
Newquay Pro – 1st place
Roxy Pro – 1st place
1998Sunsmart Classic – 1st place
Diet Coke Surf Classic – 1st place
Tokushima Pro – 1st place
Kahlua US Open – 1st place
Rip Curl Pro Hossegor – 1st place
1997Quiksilver Roxy Pro – 1st place
1996Cleanwater Classic – 1st place
Wahine / Airtouch Pro – 1st place
Wahine Women’s US Open of Surfing – 1st place
OP Pro – 1st place
Quiksilver Roxy Women’s Pro – 1st place
1995Rip Curl Pro – 1st place
1994Quit Women’s Classic – 1st place
1993Diet Coke Women’s Classic – 1st place

Specialty Events

2018Azores Airlines Women’s World Master Championship – 1st place 18,000


  • Layne Beachley learned to surf at Manly Beach in Sydney.
  • Layne Beachley became a professional surfer at the age of 16.
  • By the age 20, Layne Beachley was ranked sixth in the world.
  • Beachley became the Women’s ASP World Champion in 1998, and won the title again in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2006. She is the only woman in history to gain 7 World Championships, and only surfer, male or female to win six consecutive world titles.
  • In 2004, Layne was given a wildcard entry into the Energy Australia Open held at Newcastle, one of the rare occasions a woman has competed in a men’s surfing event.
  • In 2006, Layne was inducted into the Surfers’ Hall of Fame.
  • Beachley announced on 10 October 2008 that she would retire due to her age.
  • Layne Beachley was 2005 Laureus World Alternative Sportsperson of the Year Award.
  • Layne Beachley was 2003 Teen Choice Awards Extreme Female Athlete of the Year.
  • Layne Beachley was inducted to Surfers’ Hall of Fame  in 2006.
  • Layne Beachley was inducted to the Australian Sports Hall of Fame in 2011.
  • In 2013, Layne Beachley became an ISA World Masters Champion.
  • In 2014, Layne Beachley was a Westpac Thought Leaders Awards Finalist.
  • In 2015, she was given the Officer of the Order of Australia.
  • Beachley announced on 10 October 2008 that she would retire due to her age.


Layne Beachley has retired in 2008.


Layne Beachley’s surfboard was shaped by Stuart D’Arcy in 2003. The surfboard is a three-fin, 5’10” rounded pin with yellow rails and blue pin lines.

The board was ridden by Layne Beachley when she won her record 6th straight World Professional Surfing championship in 2003.

The inscription and markings were Boost, Gallez, Layne Beachley Reach for the Stars, Darcy and Oakley logos on deck

News, Articles and Interviews

Quotes by Layne Beachley

1. “There are so many people out there who will tell you that you can’t. What you’ve got to do is turn around and say “Watch me.””

2. “If you are doing what you love then you’re doing what is right. Desire and passion resonate with your body, mind and soul. When you’re passionate you don’t question, judge, criticize, second-guess, or doubt. It’s that passion that will fuel the fire to overcome challenges.”

3. “I wasn’t born a world champion. I just worked really hard to become one.”

4. “I wasn’t born a world champion. I just worked really hard to become one.”

5. “You’ve always got to be aware of why you don’t win; otherwise you’ll keep losing. Every mistake is a learning experience and, hopefully, you won’t make the same mistake again.”

6. “Have confidence in yourself and don’t let people put you down or make you feel weak or worthless, because the more they put you down, the more you need to get back up and prove how wrong they are.”

7. “It’s not so much what you do, it’s just how well you do it, and that you do, do it.”

8. “It’s not so much what you do, it’s just how well you do it, and that you do, do it.”

9. “Put your hand on your heart and ask yourself, what do I want? The first thing that comes to mind is always the right one.”

Other Activities and Interests

1. Layne Beachley is a motivational speaker, facilitator and philantropist, she currently focuses her energy on igniting potential in others.

2. Layne Beachley is the proud Founder and Director of her very own foundation, Aim For The Stars. The Foundation empowers and enables young girls and women to invest in their future, fulfill their potential and to put back into the community that supported them on their journey.

Interesting Facts about Layne Beachley

1. Layne Beachley’s favorite break is Freshie.

2. Layne Beachely’s favorite beach is Manly, Sydney, Australia.

3. Layne Beachley was born Tania Maris Gardner on 24 May 1972 in Sydney. Her mother was only 17 years old and unmarried so she was soon adopted by Neil and Valerie Beachley, who lived in nearby Manly.

4. Layne Beachley met her biological mother for the first time in 1999 at the age of 27. Her biological mother already had a nickname for her, beach.

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