The Eddie Could Go!

The World’s Biggest Surfing Event

The Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational could be held this Hawaiian winter if surf conditions permit. The big-wave event at Waimea Bay was canceled last year because of the pandemic, following a period of uncertainty due to sponsorship negotiations. 

The last time The Eddie ran, it generated over 1.2 million online streams!

Everyone respected Eddie and gathering in his memory would be an honor.

George Downing – Contest Director

The prestigious invitational event has been held nine times since its launch in 1984. Waimea Bay must produce powerful waves in the 20ft plus ‘Hawaiian’ range  for the contest to run. The holding period for “The Eddie” will start Dec. 1 and run until late February. 

The Opening Ceremony is possibly the most emotional part of the event

Past winners include Eddie’s brother Clyde Aikau, Keone Downing, Kelly Slater, Greg Long, Bruce Irons and John John Florence.

Eddie Aikua, A True Legend

Eddie Would Go

Mark Foo (RIP)

Eddie Aikau was a true Hawaiian waterman. His memory lives strong throughout the Hawaiian islands ever since his untimely passing.

Aikau was a master of diving and a staunch custodian of the traditional Hawaiian lifestyle. His performances at Waimea Bay have yet to be rivalled and he is, to this day, considered as one of the greatest big wave surfers. Eddie’s win at the prestigious Duke Surfing Contest at Sunset Beach in 1977, cemented him in competitive big wave surfings history.

Eddie was one of the first lifeguards on Oahu’s North Shore, saving countless swimmers from the dangerous ocean conditions. It was his overwhelming urge to protect the lives of others that would ultimately take his life.

As a tribute to his heritage, Eddie Aikau became a crew member on the traditional Polynesian sailing canoe the Hokulea. During a storm in 1978 the vessel was swamped in deep waters, endangering the lives of every crew member. Eddie selflessly made the decision to paddle his surfboard in an attempt to raise the alarm.

While the crew were rescued, Eddie was tragically never seen again.

Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikua

Sam George’s chronicles the remarkable life of Eddie Aikau in his moving 2013 documentary, Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau.

Never Forgotten – The Eddie Aikau Foundation

Eddie Aikau continues to spread the spirit of aloha through the activities of the Eddie Aikau Foundation. The Aikau family and friends are joined by volunteers who contribute time, effort, and donations, both large and small, to ensure Eddie’s ethos of protecting others and keeping his Hawaiian heritage alive, continues forever.

Eddie will always be an inspiration to those who learn about his life, his accomplishments and his love for his fellow human being.

The Foundation reflects the dreams of Eddie Aikau through education, advocacy and philanthropy. Via activities such as the Eddie Would Go Essay Contest, the Foundation provides awards to students in the State of Hawaii to encourage young people in their pursuit of their education. Educational activities specifically connected to Hawaiian heritage and Hawaiian language are areas of interest to the Foundation.

Eddie Aikau wanted to do good for others. He cared for the safety of others and put his life on the line as a lifeguard. When someone lost their life in a water related accident it affected Eddie. The Aikau Family has experienced many tragedies and extends their heart to people enduring problems in these upsetting times. The Foundation provides spiritual and financial support for memorial services, and other difficult processes.

You can donate to the Eddie Aikau Foundation here.