Vans Eco Theory

Vans take a Sustainable Stride with Eco Theory Collection

Vans, the original action sports footwear and apparel company, have proudly announced their Eco Theory Collection. The brand, who feature in the Surfd 30 of the Best Surf Brands, are confident the exciting new collection represents the first step in redirecting their processes towards thoughtfully sourced materials and ethical practices.

While there is more work to be done, here is what we are committing to as we strive to create a brighter future for our environment, our communities, and our planet.

Vans Biggest Step Yet

Vans have had an awareness of the impact of fashion on our precious ecosystem for several years. Their sustainability initiatives include ensuring that 100% renewable energy sources are used during manufacture, removing all plastic packaging, and cutting greenhouse gas emissions unto 30% by 2030. However, the Eco Theory Collection is the Californian companies biggest commitment to date.

Eco Overhaul

Leading the collection, the Sk8-Lo Reissue gets an eco overhaul, with a natural cork footbed topsheet and organic cotton canvas. The 100% cotton upper is made with organically grown fibres according to recognised farm level certification standards that aim to support healthy soils, habitats, and workers. Jute laces put the finishing touches on these awesome shoes.

Ethical and Sustainable Rubber

Vans all-new rubber compound is sourced from ethical and sustainable tree farms and maintain the grip and durability for which the iconic brand is known. The whole package is held together with water-based glues and colored with water-based inks.

Reimagining the materials we use in our products is essential to our sustainability. This means using responsibly sourced natural materials as well as finding creative ways to recycle and reuse synthetic materials back into our products.

Re-inventing The Classic Vans

The same principles have been applied to several other Classic Vans models. The Sk8-Hi Decon SF in jungle green and purple dove, Slip-On SF in Checkerboard/purple dove, and Style 36 Decon in purple dove, make up the Eco Theory Collection.

This latest sustainability initiative has been met with applause from eco conscious team riders, including Dane Gudauskas and Leila Hurst.

By 2030, 100% of our top materials, including rubber, cotton, leather, and polyester, will come from regenerative, responsibly sourced renewable or recycled sources.

The Vans Eco Theory collection is now available at Vans retailers and For more information about Vans sustainability initiatives, visit