A SHOC Energy Welcomes Lakey Peterson to the Team

About A Shoc

Based in Newport Beach, California, A SHOC is a fast-growing, healthy, active energy beverage brand. A SHOC is looking towards changing the energy game with more natural products and featuring more functional ingredients. A SHOC beverages include plant-based natural caffeine and thermogenics, ocean mineral electrolytes, nine essential amino acids, and BCAAs with no sugar, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

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Lakey Peterson

Lakey Peterson

Lakey Peterson learned to surf at the age of five, while her family was on a year-long trip around the world. Her competitive career started when she was 12.

Lakey Peterson

In 2009, at 14 years of age, Lakey landed the first-ever aerial in NSSA women’s competition history and subsequently won the title. At 16, she surfed as a wildcard in her first-ever Championship Tour event, finishing runner-up at the U.S. Open of Surfing.

2022 and Beyond

After sustaining an injury in 2021, the Channel Islands Surfboards rider is back at the top of her game and kicked 2022 off strong with a fantastic 3rd place finish at the inaugural Pipeline Pro. Moana Jones-Wong taking the win proved that this is a year where wildcards and rookies on tour will be taking it to veterans like Lakey, who have established themselves as mainstays in the sport. 

One of the top female professional surfers and Southern California native; Lakey’s focus on health and training partners perfectly with A SHOC’s more natural energy drink that thoughtfully sources ingredients chosen to work with your body, not against it. 

“I am so excited to be joining the A SHOC team alongside some incredible athletes! It’s so awesome to be part of a brand that is focused on bringing a healthier and more natural energy drink to the world. It’s something I really believe in and can’t wait for the years to come.” 

Lakey Peterson

Lakey will serve as an ambassador for the company and appear in A SHOC media and social media promotions throughout 2022.