Medina Swimwear: A Review from Tahiti

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When I first discovered Medina Swimwear I was blown away by the sophisticated yet elegant designs of their swimsuits. They’ve embraced both fashion and activewear and have leveled up in terms of look, feel, and functionality.

Some say that the devil is in the details, but also in details do you find the signs of true craftsmanship and care. My Medina swimsuits are incredibly well-designed and tailored. From the stylish towel trim edges to the luxurious texture, they’re comfortable and eye-catching. They also perform, whether you’re lounging by a pool, swimming with tropical fish, or paddling into a set wave at Teahupoo (ok, ok, the last one is not something I can claim to have experienced). However, we did take my new favorite swimsuits to the tropical islands of Tahiti and Moorea for a test drive, as you will discover below.

Swimwear that considers all stakeholders, including the environment

At Surfd we’re committed to a more sustainable surf industry. Perhaps the best feature of Medina apparel is that they’re sustainably produced, featuring ECONYL®, an innovative nylon yarn that is made from recovered fishnets and other nylon waste.

I love that a discarded fishing net that was floating aimlessly in the ocean can become a stylish swimsuit covering my body as I float aimlessly (or purposefully) in the ocean. This is nature positivity – reuse and recycle. And make it beautiful.

Medina gives back a portion of proceeds directly to environmental organizations that help protect our oceans. Business can be a force for good.

Absolutely all Medina swimsuits correspond to the highest level of quality, are durable, and are made from the most comfortable eco-natural materials.

Our favorite items from Medina

For every day (well, every day on a tropical island) use, I like to wear a one-piece swimsuit. The additional fabric protects me from the sun and stays secure during moments of high activity, such as when surfing or swimming.

The Paddle Suit + Jungle Hat

Medina Paddle Swimsuit by the longest pool I’ve ever seen
Chilling in the Paddle suit

The Puddle one-piece is elegant and hints at cocktail parties somewhere exotic. If I was in a Corona ad, you know the ones “from where you’d rather be” – I’d be wearing the Puddle one-piece on a sunset beach with a mustachioed longboard crew strumming their ukuleles.

In terms of design, the halter neck with contrasting towel trim and curved sides emphasises the waistline. It’s the perfect shade of pastel yellow and is made using buttery soft eco-friendly fabric. In combination with the jungle bucket hat this was my favourite look while chilling near the pool and going for early morning swims and walks on the beach.

I’m wearing a size 36 suit and size S bucket hat.

Medina Paddle Swimsuit by the pool

The Rider suit

This is my new go-to long sleeve swimsuit for water activities. By water activities, I mean getting seriously active. I wore this suit every day in Tahiti — swimming, surfing, snorkeling. The color hints at retro style yet is beautiful and contemporary on all skin tones. The added sun protection means less sunscreen is required. It goes without saying that if you do need sunscreen, always opt for reef-safe options. Or cover up with a swimsuit like this one.

Medina Rider Swimsuit and a coral head
Cruising with my colorful friends

The Ocean suit

Medina Ocean Swimsuit

The Ocean long sleeve and backless suit is from Medina’s Core Collection 2022. It features cutouts in nude mesh with a flattering waist and front seams. The suit is very comfortable and lined for a sculpted silhouette.

Join me on a tour of Tahiti and Moorea in this video:

Thanks to the wide range of products, there is a Medina swimsuit for every woman. Models come in a variety of styles, from bikinis and tankinis to classic one-pieces.

To check out the full range of Medina swimwear visit the Medina website.

Medina Swimwear: A Review from Tahiti
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