Going Green with RAEN’s Bio Acetate Collection

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RAEN continues to make waves not just in design, but also in sustainability. A striking testament to this is the newly launched Bio Acetate Collection, a revolutionary range that sets a high bar for eco-friendly eyewear.

In this innovative collection, RAEN has partnered with the renowned lens manufacturer Zeiss. Together, they’re introducing the cutting-edge Zeiss Sustainable Polymaide lenses into the collection. These lenses are a game-changer—they are made partially of bio-based materials and produce 50% fewer CO2 emissions during production compared to traditional lenses.

Earlier this year, the brand set the stage with The Recycled Black Collection, featuring a groundbreaking acetate made from 100% recycled materials. The Bio Acetate Collection takes another significant leap forward in RAEN’s ongoing mission to create high-quality frames with a significantly reduced environmental footprint.

Teenage Tokyo in Recycled Black

The frames in the Bio Acetate Collection feature M49 acetate from Mazzucchelli, a renowned Italian manufacturer. This bio-based and biodegradable acetate replaces traditional petroleum-based plasticizers with natural materials and renewable sources, providing the same high-quality performance we expect from premium eyewear, but with a gentler touch on our planet.

We are proud to partner with Mazzucchelli, a leader in sustainable materials, for our latest collection. By incorporating M49 Bio Acetate into our designs, we are taking a significant step towards an eco-friendlier future,” says RAEN Co-founder and Design Director Jordan Percy. This partnership allows us to combine our passion for timeless designs with Mazzucchelli’s innovative bio-based material, creating a premium feel and look that RAEN has become known for.

This sustainable eyewear retails for $149.95 and is available on raen.com. The collection can also be found at select specialty retail locations globally, including optical outlets. To locate the nearest retail store offering the collection, use the retail store locator available on the RAEN website.

RAEN is a brand that we’ve admired for quite some time. Their values and their approach to design align closely with ours—we both put quality and craftsmanship at the forefront of everything we do

Elena Orsi Mazzucchelli, Product Development Manager

With the launch of the Bio Acetate Collection, RAEN proves that style, quality, and sustainability can go hand in hand. It’s a tangible reflection of RAEN’s commitment to the environment, and it allows us, as consumers, to make a choice that supports our planet while also feeding our passion for surfing, design, and the California coastal lifestyle.