The Best Christmas Gifts for Surfers in 2023

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2023 has been a year of ups and downs. Whether you’ve loved it or would rather forget it, as the year draws to an end, we get to focus on what matters most: the people in our lives. Some of those people are surfers, individuals who get their thrills from paddling out into the ocean and riding waves. But the question for you, dear gift buyer, is what do surfers want for Christmas?

The Challenge of Choosing the Perfect Gift

Selecting the perfect Christmas gift can be a daunting task. Every surfer has a unique style, skill level, and set of preferences, making it tricky to pick just the right thing. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

At, we live and breathe surfing. Our deep understanding of surf culture, brands, and apparel makes us your go-to source for gift ideas. We’ve spent the year tracking the best in surf gear, so you can trust our judgment.

Gifts for Every Surfer on Your List

While we do have our regular gift guide for surfers, here we’ve curated a list of the best Christmas gifts for 2023, tailored for men, women, kids, and even those shopping on a budget. Whether you’re looking for the latest fashions, sustainable options, or accessories that make a statement, our list has something for everyone.

Worried about last-minute shopping? Relax, there’s plenty of time to buy online. With fast shipping and a wide range of choices, you can take your time to select the perfect gift with just a little bit of finger exertion (scroll, tap, pay).

In conclusion, Christmas 2023 is the perfect opportunity to show the surfer in your life how much you care. With a little help from, you can find a gift that will bring joy to their surfing adventures and life. Happy holidays and happy surfing!

Christmas Gifts for Men

As the festive season rolls in, it’s time to celebrate the surfers in our lives with thoughtfulness and style. Here are 11 of our favorite gift options for male surfers. We’ve even color-coordinated the options so you can mix and match apparel and accessories. We really love the Outerknown Sur Snap Hoodie, and while it might be on the pricier side, it will last a decade or more. We know; we wear their gear ourselves.

  1. Tide Clock Atlantic Coast by Salty Home
  2. Sur Snap Hoodie by Outerknown
  3. Surf Watch Heat by Nixon
  4. Outerknown & GOT BAG Shower Bag
  5. Forest Green Wide Brim Surf Bucket Hat by El Dingo
  6. Groovy Pocket Tee by Outerknown
  7. Wetsuit Pro Dryer by SurfLogic
  8. Florence x NOCS Standard Issue Waterproof Binoculars
  9. Action Camera by Insta360 X3
  10. Surf Map by Malin and Mizen
  11. Stretch Chino Short by Florence Marine X
  12. Salt Creek T-Shirt (3 pack) by Mavricks

Christmas Gifts for Women

Our selection for women is all about cruising with comfort and style. We love love love the Outerknown women’s blanket shirt. Once, these were only available for the boys, but now we can all benefit from this fabulous material and warmth. Also, they last for—well—it seems like forever based on the blanket shirt we’ve been testing since 2019.

  1. Salt Gypsy Film Camera
  2. Duet Mixed Huggie Hoops by Mejuri
  3. Sun Lover Towel by The Summer Chaser (via The Someday Co)
  4. Women’s Blanket Shirt by Outerknown
  5. Surfer girl Notebook
  6. Lay Day Dawn by Reef
  7. Beach Waves Spray Hair Texturizer
  8. Surf Watch Siren Milanese by Nixon
  9. MiiR® Tumbler by Patagonia
  10. Aloha Collection – Mini Pouch by Salt Gypsy
  11. Astor Sweatpants by Outerknown

Sustainable Christmas Gifts

If you care about the planet, then this list contains only items from companies that have proven their green credentials. Choosing a gift card—item #8— is a great way to give the surfer in your life flexibility to choose apparel without giving cash (that could be squandered). Those XCEL boardshorts at #6 are especially nice and all you need is your surfer giftees waist size!

  1. Reimagine Cashmere Beanie by Outerknown
  2. Blanket Shirt by Outerknown
  3. Sandals by KLLY
  4. Sunglasses PARAISO by Bajio
  5. Nevado Backpack by Martha Headwear
  6. Men’s Drylock 18.5″ Boardshort by Xcel
  7. Reef Safe Sunscreen by Manda
  8. Gift Card by Outerknown
  9. Wyatt Shirt Dress by Outerknown
  10. Wavefarer™ Bucket Hat by Patagonia
  11. Wheeled Duffel Bag by Patagonia

Christmas Gifts for Kids

Groms, gremmies, little dudes — they get the most excited about this time of year. We’ve got toys and clothing for the boys and girls in your surfing life. Thank you for all the lifts to the beach mum and dad! To encourage skill development get #9—these balance boards are amazing for times when the waves are not pumping.

  1. OG Surf T-shirt by Maui and Sons
  2. Kids’ Refugito Daypack by Patagonia
  3. The Pretender – Cruiser Skateboard by Deviate Board Co
  4. Beach Reversible Bucket Hat by Rip Curl
  5. Mesa Kids Swim Trunks by Ina Swim (via The Someday Co)
  6. Water Vista by Reef
  7. Premium Acrylic Paint Pens by SurfPaints
  8. Candy 2 Digital Watch by Rip Curl
  9. POWRX Surf Balance Board
  10. Wiilder Animal Adventures A -Z: A kids surf book
  11. Surfer Dudes Mini-Surfer and Surfboard Toy

Christmas Gifts under $50

Being on a budget doesn’t mean buying plastic junk. You can still get surfers something they’ll find super useful and maybe even inspiring. See the book, which is #10 below. If you don’t usually know what to buy, then they’ll be shocked by your in-depth knowledge of the best surf gifts this year. You actually can’t go wrong with the #7 surf kit. It’s our pleasure to help you on this shopping quest!

  1. Surfboard Rack Holder by Teslyar
  2. Kaffee To Go Becher – Mexi Log Festival x Rebel Fin Co. Edition
  3. Black Corduroy Tote by Noserider Surf Club
  4. Organic Surf Wax Rob Machado
  5. Gift Card by Patagonia
  6. Wool Anklet Socks by Patagonia
  7. Surf Kit (Holds your Surf Wax, Organic Sunscreen Face Stick, All Natural Lip Balm, Wax Scraper, and More)
  8. Dunas 5-Panel Hat by Martha Headwear
  9. Ultralight Black Hole® Mini Hip Pack Patagonia
  10. Surf Porn: Surf Photography’s Finest Selection
  11. Wax and Fin Tool by SurfLogic

Surf Experiences for Christmas

If you want to buy an experience, here are some ideas beyond this list.

  1. Wave Pool Session:
    • Gift a session at a local wave pool, providing a controlled environment for surfing regardless of the weather or location.
  2. Surfing Lessons:
    • Arrange for professional surfing lessons to help them improve their skills or for beginners to get started.
  3. Surf Trip Package:
    • Plan and book a surf trip to a popular surfing destination. Consider destinations known for great waves and a vibrant surf culture.
  4. Surf Camp Enrollment:
    • Enroll them in a surf camp where they can receive intensive training, meet other surfers, and enjoy a surfing-focused vacation.
  5. Custom Surfboard:
    • Commission a custom-designed surfboard tailored to their preferences in terms of size, shape, and artwork.
  6. Surfing Photography Session:
    • Arrange for a professional surf photography session to capture epic moments in the water.
  7. Surfing Fitness Class:
    • Gift a membership or class pass for a fitness program specifically designed for surfers, focusing on strength, flexibility, and balance.
  8. Subscription to Surfing Magazines:
    • Keep them inspired all year round with a subscription to a popular surfing magazine.
  9. Surfing Film Festival Tickets:
    • Get tickets to a surfing film festival for a night of inspiration and entertainment.
  10. Beachfront Accommodation:
    • Book a stay at a beachfront resort or Airbnb at a surf-friendly location for the ultimate surfing getaway.