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Barton Lynch Pro Surfing, created by Western Australian studio Bungarra Software in collaboration with surfing icon Barton Lynch, marks a new era in surfing simulation gaming. Available on PC, PlayStation5, and Xbox, the game invites surf enthusiasts to virtually explore the world’s most famous surf locations and experience the life of professional surfers.

Interview with Barton Lynch

For a longer interview with Barton, please visit the Brad Hook Podcast.

Surfer Perspectives

Two of the feature surfers from the game gave their perspectives. Let’s hear from Vahine and Soli Bailey.

Vahine: It was one of my goals in life to be part of a video game, and being part of this one is so special. I love that people can choose me as a surfer, dress themselves with cool wetsuits and ride the best boards in the world.

My favorite location is Snapper Rocks, with a big reverse 360.

Advice: wear a Roxy wetsuit, grab your CI Pro Channel Island surfboard, put on a smile, and I can assure you, you will have the best surf session ever.

Soli Bailey: Favorite location would have to be Hawaii! Favorite move would definitely be getting barrelled, there’s no feeling like it. Live in the tube in the game and, in life, be respectful in the water. 

Gameplay Experience

A good friend of tested the game on PS5. Here’s what he had to say:

“Barton Lynch Pro Surfer feels like an evolution of Kelly Slater Pro Surfer and Sunny Garcia Surfing, skillfully combining many elements of real surfing into the gameplay.

The game begins with the option to work your way up from the bottom as a Rookie or to dive in as a Pro, each path offering different advantages and drawbacks.

The tutorial, narrated by Barton himself, guides you through various aspects of surfing, from paddling, duck diving, and popping up to positioning on the wave for maximum scoring and executing maneuvers.

The game features cool spots like Manly, Mundaka, Aileen’s, Snapper, Margaret’s, Saquarema, Tokyo, Jeffrey’s, Hossegor, Trestles, Jaws, and Pipeline, complete with locally modeled backgrounds to add an element of realism. Waves vary based on wind, tide, swell, and several other factors. These conditions are adjustable during free surf sessions but are left to chance in competitions.

Jet skis (Personal Water Craft) are also available for paddling out or for towing into waves.

While the game offers a free-play option, its real value lies in the competitive aspect, following World Surf League rules, including interference calls – a nod to Medina.

The game even simulates equipment damage, requiring you to spend your hard-earned winnings on new gear.

Although initially challenging, it’s well worth the effort and can sharpen your skills for when you face real ocean conditions.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars for its realism and for capturing the essence of being in the ocean, all without getting wet or flogged.”

Game Features

The game offers a rich, immersive experience in two main modes: Career Mode and Free Roam Mode. Players can step into the shoes of Barton Lynch or other pro surfers like Felicity Palmateer and Clay Marzo. The game shines in its detailed simulation of exotic surf spots such as Pipeline, Snapper Rocks, and Jeffrey’s Bay, complemented by smooth graphics and customizable characters. Players can adapt their gameplay to the unique conditions and environments of each location, offering a tailor-made surfing adventure.

Game Modes

The Career Mode challenges players to climb the world rankings, managing finances, equipment, and performance. The game also offers a variety of other modes, including Free Surf and Trick Challenges, with progressive difficulty levels that help players refine their skills. Players can compare their prowess against world champs and underground heavyweights in the surfing community, making for a competitive and engaging experience.

Customization at Its Core

Character customization is a highlight, with options to tweak everything from appearance to equipment, affecting in-game performance. The game features a wide array of surf gear from top brands like Billabong and Quiksilver, allowing players to kit out their characters in authentic surf style.

Iconic Locations and Realistic Conditions

Each surf spot in the game is a replication of an iconic real-world location, offering diverse surfing experiences. Players can make strategic choices, like whether to paddle out at Jaws or opt for a tow-in, and adjust to varying conditions using an advanced weather tool that influences gameplay in real-time.

Soundtrack and Vibe

The game’s soundtrack, featuring artists like Smoking Martha and Kilns, perfectly complements its global setting and enhances the overall surfing ambiance. The music aligns seamlessly with the game’s fluid control mechanics and diverse locations, contributing to a truly immersive surfing experience.

More Information

Barton Lynch Pro Surfing is available on PC (Steam), PlayStation 5 and XBOX.


  1. Manly (Australia)
  2. Mundaka (Spain)
  3. Aileen’s (Ireland)
  4. Snapper Rocks (Australia)
  5. Margaret River Main Break + The Box (Australia)
  6. Saquarema (Brazil)
  7. Tokyo Stadium (Wave Pool Japan)
  8. Jeffrey’s Bay (South Africa)
  9. Hossegor (France)
  10. Trestles (USA)
  11. Jaws (Hawaii)
  12. Pipeline (Hawaii)


  1. Barton Lynch 
  2. Yago Dora
  3. Clay Marzo
  4. Mahina Maeda
  5. Vahine Fierro
  6. Felicity Palmateer
  7. Nathan Florence
  8. Soli Bailey


  1. Lost Surfboards
  2. Channel Islands Surfboards
  3. Vans
  4. Creatures of Leisure
  5. Futures Fins
  6. Boost Mobile
  7. Annesley Surfboards
  8. Mark Richards Surfboards
  9. Simon Anderson Surfboards
  10. Superbrand
  11. Eric Arakawa Surfboards
  12. Volcom
  13. Pyzel Surfboards
  14. Quiksilver (Boardriders)
  15. Billabong (Boardriders)
  16. Roxy (Boardriders)
  17. Oneill

BUNGARRA SOFTWARE: Website | Instagram | Twitter (X)

BARTON LYNCH: Website | Instagram | Twitter (X)

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