Ziggy Alberts announces second book of poetry, Sun Memos

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Ziggy Alberts has announced his next project: “Sun Memos,” a collection of poetry to be released through Commonfolk Publishing. This is Alberts’ second self-published poetry book, and it dives deep into his introspective thoughts and observations.

Known for his personal and open songwriting, Alberts invites readers even closer with “Sun Memos.” The book, divided into four parts, offers a beautifully crafted glimpse into his inner world, giving fans a deeper look at the person behind the music.

I can breathe a sigh of relief now that sun memos are bundled into these pages. Writing poetry has nothing to do with publishing it. Writing poetry is what music has been for me since the very beginning; an outpour. Minimal planning, maximum emotion. Like my first book, brainwaves, this is another thoughtfully independent project made possible by my family and friends at Commonfolk Publishing. Looking forward to connecting with you all for the second time, and again.


Ziggy Alberts has become a global sensation, with fans around the world loving his music and songwriting. He has six Gold singles, seven Platinum singles, a Gold-certified album, a Platinum EP, and a Double Platinum single. His latest release, “NEW LOVE,” has cemented his reputation as a timeless talent. Now, with “Sun Memos” on the way, Alberts is set for an even more successful 2024.

The book is available online at

Interview with Ziggy Alberts

Can you tell us more about your project, “SUN MEMOS,” and what inspired you to explore poetry?

Sun Memos is the follow-up to my first poetry book, Brainwaves. it’s a reflection of
my life on and off tour. In 2017, I stumbled upon meditation, and poetry was a natural
result of more time spent in mindfulness.

How does the process of writing poetry compare to your experience with songwriting?

Poetry is an inward reflection; writing songs is an outward expression. They are yin
and yang.

Your fans eagerly anticipate the book signing tour accompanying the release of “SUN MEMOS.” What do you hope readers take away from their personal interaction with you and your work?

The book signing tour was amazing; It’s pretty amazing to meet the people behind
my already 10-year music career, and have intimate conversations about their lives
and where our paths have intersected.

Looking ahead, how do you envision the intersection of your music and poetry evolving in your artistic journey?

in 2023, we started using my poetry as introductions and interludes to the live show;
in 2024, we plan for this to be an even bigger part of the 2024 New Love World Tour.

More about Ziggy Alberts

Ziggy Alberts is an Australian singer-songwriter known for his heartfelt, acoustic-driven music. Born on July 11, 1994, in Queensland, Ziggy grew up near the beach, which profoundly influenced his music and lifestyle.


Ziggy started playing guitar at age sixteen. Inspired by the beauty of the ocean and nature, he began writing songs that reflected his love for the environment and his personal experiences. Despite his initial career as a dentist, his passion for music led him to pursue it full-time.


Ziggy’s career took off with the release of his debut EP, “Feels Like Home,” in 2012. His breakout album, “Land & Sea” (2014), featured hits like “Runaway” and “Simple Things,” resonating with a wide audience. He gained further acclaim with his subsequent albums “Laps Around the Sun” (2018) and “searching for freedom” (2021).

Ziggy’s other achievements include:

  • Millions of streams on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.
  • Sold-out tours across Australia, North America, and Europe.
  • Winning the 2018 Gold Coast Music Awards’ “Artist of the Year.”


Ziggy’s music is heavily influenced by his coastal upbringing and his commitment to environmental conservation. Artists like Jack Johnson, Ben Howard, and Xavier Rudd have shaped his musical style. His lyrics often touch on themes of love, freedom, and the beauty of nature, connecting deeply with listeners who share similar values.

In summary, Ziggy Alberts is a talented artist who has made a significant impact through his music and dedication to the environment. His journey from a dental student to a renowned musician inspires many to follow their passions and stay true to their values.