Surf Videos

Surf videos present us with the creative vision of surf directors, while showcasing the athletic flair and attitude of the talent: our favourite surfers.

Whether you’re into old school rock films with heavy wipeout clips and bad behaviour, or new school soul surfing with melodic soundtracks and poetry, you’ll find a broad selection here on Surfd.

We also publish select video clips, from Alana Blanchard to Castles in the Sky – and everything in between.

Check out a selection of surfing video clips below.

Coral Cuts

Coral Cuts, a series by Ben Mondy and EpicTV, asks pro surfers the important questions. Like, "would you rather kiss a man or make love to a donkey?" Episode 9...

Surfing Namibia

A video released by Dan Mace has had surfers the world over hitting skyscanner for flights (not even the cheapest ones) to deepest darkest Nambia. With 30 sec...

Quiksilver and Kelly QS and KS are two brands that will be difficult to separate. Along with CI (Channel Islands), they we the triumvi...