Jordy’s Bay

O’Neill’s pre-eminent surfer has a special place in his heart for J-Bay. Just an eight hour drive from his hometown of Durban the guy has clocked up more cold water hours there than most. Now, on the dawn of the ASP world tour returning to this much missed dream tour location Jordy shares his personal connection with his homeland and one of the world’s best waves.

Jordy has a style that is perfectly suited to Jeffreys Bay. He’s like a bigger, stronger Tom Curren who can stick superman airs at will. Tom Curren redefined how you surf the place, drawing majestic arcs into the cold, racing South African walls. This is no easy feat because finding space in front of the section is an art unto itself. A select few surfers like Curren, Slater and Jordy, however, make it look perfectly effortless, and power shifts. Natural footers have the advantage and although some of you might hark “Occy!, Occy!” it’s not quite the same.

The competitive advantage Jordy has at J-Bay is his size. The same frame that lets him carve trenches into waves at places like Bells comes to the fore at his favourite break back home. With great size comes solid weight and this lets Jordy brake harder, generating higher fans of spray than almost anyone on tour today. Taylor Knox had it but Jordy can opt for trajectory into the air when he feels the urge, or sees a juicy section. This lethal combination of power and performance surfing is what won him back-to-back victories at the world’s best right hander before. It’s what makes him truly one of the best inside of competition and out.

Follow the ASP J-Bay Open with jealousy.