Fact file

Price: $3.95

Size: Average

Packaging: Comes in a handy plastic container




Wax on, wax off – a mantra all dedicated surfers and karate kids live by, whether they like it or not. To be honest I don’t really think much about wax, the fact that it gets lost all the time is testimony to that. Every now and then however, a product comes along that you like enough to take special care of. And No Boundaries is just such a product.

The wax smells different. It’s almost a floral or citrus fragrance – not gay, just pleasant. The actual wax is soft and creates pert little surface bumps – just the way we like them. I could go a few sessions without rewaxing and was always stoked to find my wax nice and clean in its groovy grey container.

Nice ‘n soft


  • Sealed in a hard-wearing plastic container.
  • Smells different, a change is as good as a holiday.
  • Long lasting.
  • Makes nice humps.



  • Plastic is bad for the environment.
  • The plastic container isn’t heavy enough to act as an effective missile to scare annoying birds off my balcony.
  • It is pretty soft wax so does need to be cleaned up regularly and combed between sessions if you’re not going to re-wax.