MAHULU Elliptio Wetsuit Review

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Having worn many wetsuits over the years, the MAHULU Elliptio stands out not just in its construction and functionality but also in its philosophy.

To begin with, the fit of the Elliptio is nothing short of perfection. I was immediately taken by the softness and flexibility of the neoprene. The fact that it’s crafted from mussel shells is mind-boggling. Slipping into the suit feels like a familiar embrace, and this comfort extends to movement in the water.

Venturing into cold waters has always been a battle between the love for the sport and the piercing chill. With the Elliptio, even the coldest days felt surmountable. While there was a slight water seepage up the legs upon the initial immersion, it was hardly noticeable, as the rest of my body remained enveloped in warmth. The thermal properties of this wetsuit truly shine in real-world conditions.

From the seams to the zippers, the craftsmanship radiates through every inch of this wetsuit. Everything feels robust, securely stitched, and meticulously crafted. It’s evident that this wetsuit was born out of passion and extensive field testing, especially in cold waters.

One of my standout moments with the Elliptio was paddling out. For a 4/3 suit, it offers an unprecedented range of motion. I felt no resistance; it was like wearing a second skin, allowing me to focus entirely on the waves ahead.

The true essence of the Elliptio is its marriage of function with sustainability. It’s heartwarming to know that it’s not only crafted for surfers but also by surfers who genuinely understand and respect the ocean.

In the vast ocean of wetsuit choices, the MAHULU Elliptio isn’t just another suit—it’s a testament to what’s possible when passion, innovation, and sustainability converge. If this is the future of wetsuits, the future looks incredibly promising.

If this is the future of wetsuits, the future looks incredibly promising.

About the MAHULU Elliptio

The Mahulu Elliptio is an all-black men’s full suit inspired by the remarkable Elliptio mussel species, famous for its impressive lifespan. Designed to elevate water experiences and built to withstand the elements, the Elliptio signifies Mahulu’s dedication to a sustainable future. As an extraordinary addition to their respected Storm Rider series, it stands as a testament to innovation and quality.

Sustainability and Material:

  • Ecofoam: This neoprene-free material forms the core of the Elliptio, replacing traditional petroleum-based neoprene.
  • Biodegradable Components: Comprised of sustainable materials such as oyster shells, sugar cane, natural rubber, and non-edible plant oil.
  • Environmental Focus: A commitment to comfort and sustainability, setting a new standard for wetsuit construction.

Performance Features:

  • Thermal Lining: Utilizes recycled polyester for enhanced warmth in 4/3 and thicker suits.
  • Reinforced Seams: Double-blind stitched for optimal durability.
  • Water Entry Prevention: Equipped with a chest-zip entry, glide skin inner neck seal, and seam-sealed tape.
  • Aqua-flush Panels: Specialized design for efficient ankle drainage.
  • Back-Knee Embossing: Provides increased flexibility, vital for surfers and water sports enthusiasts.
  • Key Pocket: A practical addition for secure storage.
  • Durable YKK Zipper: Offers reliability and ease of use.

Safety Assurance:

  • USDA Approved: Meets stringent safety standards, offering peace of mind with every wear.

The MAHULU Elliptio’s fusion of revolutionary eco-friendly materials and features designed for the modern water sports enthusiast make it a standout addition to any wetsuit collection. Experience comfort, warmth, and durability, all wrapped in a package that respects the planet.

With their unwavering commitment to sustainability, Mahulu brings forth a range of eco-friendly neoprene-free wetsuits crafted from sustainable ecofoam. Representing a business dedicated to prioritizing people and the planet over profit, Mahulu offers wetsuits that deliver the perfect combination of warmth, flexibility, and durability, transforming unforgettable surfing moments and triumphant kitesurfing achievements into reality.

About the MAHULU brand

Mahulu introduces sustainable ecofoam and eco-friendly neoprene-free wetsuits, showcasing a business that prioritizes the well-being of both people and the planet over mere profits.

Embracing the challenges of ethical business in the twenty-first century, Mahulu views their eco-friendly wetsuits not as mere products but as integral components of a sustainable product cycle. At every stage of this cycle, their focus remains on creating positive impacts for both humanity and the environment.

The journey begins with their ecofoam, a revolutionary material derived from byproducts of the seafood industry. By diverting these byproducts from landfills, Mahulu effectively reduces waste and minimizes their carbon footprint. Additionally, they exclusively utilize biodegradable and recyclable materials in the manufacturing process of their ecofoam wetsuits, ensuring that sustainability remains affordable and accessible to all.

In alignment with their commitment to ocean conservation, Mahulu allocates 2% of every purchase towards coral reef restoration efforts. By combining their high-performance wetsuits with environmental restoration initiatives, they not only strive to cease the destruction of the planet but also actively work towards its restoration. For Mahulu, it’s not just about “Leave no trace,” but rather about leaving the world in a better state than they found it, fostering a philosophy of leaving a positive impact.


The MAHULU Elliptio is more than just a wetsuit; it’s a commitment to sustainable innovation and unparalleled performance. Inspired by the enduring Elliptio mussel, this all-black full suit not only pays homage to nature but also emulates its resilience.

Crafted meticulously with eco-conscious materials like the revolutionary Ecofoam and featuring design elements tailored to enhance water experiences, it stands as a testament to what’s achievable when environmental responsibility meets cutting-edge design.

From its thermal lining made of recycled polyester to its robust YKK zipper, every detail is thoughtfully integrated. With the Elliptio, you’re not only investing in a high-quality wetsuit but also in a brighter, more sustainable future for our planet. Dive in with confidence, warmth, and the knowledge that your choice positively impacts both your performance and the world around you.

MAHULU Elliptio Wetsuit Review
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