Review: Young Guns 2

Young Guns 2 is the latest high-performance DVD from the Quiksilver stable. Following on from the popular and radical Young Guns, it documents the freesurfing expertise of some of Quiksilver’s hottest young talent. The formula is the same: take rad young talent to the Mentawais, put them on a five-star cruiser and hope for waves. With some familiar Young Guns faces and some rising stars, watch Kelly guide the new school to new performance levels.


From the introductory sequence featuring a chopper-eye view of reeling lines of perfection set to an awesome track – you know you’re in for a ride you won’t forget. The footage in Young Guns 2 is high quality featuring more angles than you can throw a camera at. The waves are clean and fast, the surfing intense and the commentary good. Dane Reynolds was the star in my book and his epic left barrel is worthy of Barrel of the Year. Ry Craike keeps landing those crazy airs and Kelly shows his class. I like the soundtrack and thoroughly enjoyed the film although it didn’t exactly blow my mind.


  • Cool soundtrack
  • Unique footage
  • Solid performance surfing
  • Dane ripping


  • It’ll kill you knowing you may never get to go on a trip like this.
Young Guns 2


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