You know the feeling. You drive to the beach, pull up in the car park and dash out to get a better look at the waves. It’s worth hitting it, so you get your gear ready, limber up and then comes that dreaded moment… hiding the car keys. Some of you may have older vehicles and stick your key in your leggie or keep it in your wetsuit pocket but many of us with electronic keys (or who don’t want them to rust) face the dilemma. Most of us choose the back tyre, exhaust or somewhere else to hide the keys and some even try to wedge them into rocks or walls, thinking their spot is a bit more secretive. Trust me, if those loser car thieves are watching you, you won’t know it – and if they want your ride, they’ll have it. So what can we do to make the whole car at the beach experience a lot less stressful?

  1. Don’t drive – take public transport or walk. Let’s face it, until oil prices make it impossible we will continue our search for surf in our trusty greenhouse gas-emitting metal boxes.
  2. Grab a lift with a mate so it’s not your car. Also better for the environment.
  3. Protect your keys. And this is where the Surf Lock comes into play.


The Surf Lock is a robust padlock with a large compartment for storing a key or other valuables. It is accessed by entering your combination, similar to a bicycle lock. The correct combination not only unlocks the device but also allows you to pop open the storage compartment.

I loved the sturdy design of the surf lock and the easy instruction guide. You can pretty much set your personal combination, whack in your key and be out in the water in 30 seconds. Just don’t forget that combination.

I use the Surf Lock for much more than just car park protection. When I go surfing in front of my house I use the Surf Lock to secure my keys to the railing outside my door – so much safer than hiding the key under the mat or above the doorframe. It’s also great if you want to give a few people access to a set of keys. For example, a group of us went snowboarding and I simply locked the keys to the car, allowing anyone – well anyone who knows the combination – to get in and out whenever they wanted. Maybe think about a combo that’s not your bank PIN if you don’t trust your mates.

Fact File
• Surf Lock is durable and strong
• 10,000 possible combinations keep you safe
• Comes with a handy key ring clip so you can quickly unclip your key and put it in the lock
• Comes with a great rubber ‘All Weather Jacket’  protector – perfect for rainy days or those of you living in the UK
• Fits pretty much all keys
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**** Excellent
f it keeps my blue beast where I left it that’s as good as a surf trip with waves