When I first heard about the Trunq I guess I wasn’t convinced that a plastic box made specifically for surfers and surf gear would be all that different from a plastic box made for, well, anything else.

So when the friendly folks at Trunq shipped off my product I can’t say that I waited with bated breath, like when I was waiting to receive my Stretch F4 surfboard.

But, then, on a particularly sunny summer day there came a knock on the door and I sauntered up, swinging it open casually – only to find I was confronted by an elderly couple and a small girl-child holding copies of Watchtower. They asked me if I knew God but actually seemed a little hesitant, possibly scared, which probably had something to do with my semi-nudity and a high-volume audio assault courtesy of Tupac, who protested from the confines of my office at the recent behaviour of some bitches, who might end up dead. The girl-child hid behind Grampa’s grey trouser leg. Holding a fresh copy of Watchtower I shut them out and flipped through a page or two, enthralled, only to jump as a much heavier knock slammed my old front door. For a moment I wondered if JWs have a hit squad who forcibly induct bad people like me into the fold. But opening up I was relieved to see a heavily perspiring courier who was not in the least flustered by my male form, or Tupac’s inherent rage.

I unwrapped the Trunq and, as all men do, chucked the instructions to one side, proceeding to try and wrench this baby open. Hmmmm, no, um, no, ok, where are those instructions? Simple as anything (watch the video below) the Trunq pops open to reveal her many treasures.

Fact File

TRUNQ Dimensions

Exterior of the unit:
23″ Long (Including handle)
15″ Wide
11″ Tall
Interior “Wet” Storage Space:
20″ Long
13″ Wide
8″ Tall
Drop down Tray- “Dry” Gear:
20″ Long
13″ Wide
2.5″ Tall

Colour: Loads available – ours is lime green
Price: $49.99
Get it: www.trunq.com

Video Review

Warning. Not suitable for… um… most people.


I think that says it all – stoked!

Note: Usually products are in pristine condition when we review them on Surfd.com but I think you will understand why our model is well-used and very much loved. Thanks Trunq – wet, messy cars are a thing of the past. Also, the stuff in the video review (sunscreen, ding repair kit, stress ball) are mine and don”t come with the Trunq – go get your own!


Made from recycled plastic – love it!
They’ve got everything covered, from drip-dry sections to mat to padlock
Sturdy construction
Cheap price


Not a huge fan of my Trunq SUBs lime green colour but looking at their website you can get a pimped black version that even rhyme-spitting Tupac would be into (if he was alive and went for a quick sesh at his local beachie).