Rip Curl Pro: For whom the bell tolls

Well it’s all done and dusted. The venue bounced around, the conditions fluctuated, some had close calls and some were clear-cut winners. But at the end of the day it was a calm, down-to-earth Robert Kelly Slater who put in a godlike performance to secure his fourth Bells win, equalling the record set by Mark Richards.

Our predictions for the event were pretty spot-on (if we say so ourselves) with five of our eight picks making it through to the semi-finals. Hopefully this will boost our ranking in Fantasy Surfer because that’s, like, really important in our lives.

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Here are some of the best moments from Kelly’s road to the final during this year’s event. Click the image to enlarge.

Video highlights

My absolute favourite moment from the event was Jordy Smith’s superman, which he pulled out as his second air on one wave to get a 9.80 score. Check it out, it’s one of the best waves I’ve seen surfed.

Kelly got pretty rad in the final as well. I first saw him stick an air like this back in 1995. 15 years later he just gets better and better.