Richie Lovett on Surfing, Life and Manly Beach

Richie Lovett is one of surfing’s favourite faces. WIth a professional career spanning 20 years and consistent performances on the ASP World Championship Tour from 1996 through to 2005 he was a highly respected competitor and one of the most popular guys on tour.

Richie’s best result was winning the 2003 Boost Mobile Pro at Trestles, where he secured victory in a tight final against Taj Burrow. In 2005 Richie’s professional career was cut short when he was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer in his right hip. After a major operation and successful recovery Richie defied the odds by not only surfing again but doing it with flair and finesse. It’s a truly inspirational story.

Richie is now working with Aloha and continues playing a strong role in the surf industry focussing on, amongst other things, board and fin design.

Steph caught up with Richie Lovett up at the Shore Club in Manly for a chat about surfing, life, the Manly Festival of Surfing and who will win the World Tour in 2010…

The Manly Festival of Surfing will be held at Manly Beach from the 18th to 21st November 2010. For more information please visit