firewire reviews

We have reviewed a wide selection of Firewire surfboards including the Potatonator, Dominator, Unibrow and Sci-Fi.

Two of the boards have earned themselves Editor’s Choice awards.

We have been impressed by Firewire’s commitment to the environment and participation in the Eco Board project. They also run a clean, fair factory in Thailand, which produces boards of a consistently high quality.

If you a looking to purchase a Firewire surfboard then make sure you read through our reviews to see which model will suit your skill level along with the waves you ride most of the time.

You can’t go wrong with boards like the Sci-Fi and Potatonator – they’re incredibly different, yet both provide an excellent surfing experience across a wide range of conditions.

Enjoy our Firewire surfboard reviews, listed below.


Review: Slater Designs Cymatic

The Cymatic is a performance shortboard designed by master shaper Daniel 'Tomo' Thompson and manufactured under the Slater Designs label by Firewire Surfboards. Being a fan of the Sci-Fi and having recently enjoyed riding an Omni, I was intrigued to ...

Review: Firewire Greedy Beaver

The Firewire Greedy Beaver is a surfboard that excels across a range of conditions. While this board may seem the ideal choice for learners or those transitioning between long and shortboards, it has far more to offer and will suit many intermediate ...

Review: Firewire Unibrow

If this Firewire surfboard was small and hairy (and you squinted enough) its symmetrical outline, which tapers to a point on either end, might just pass as a unibrow. They could have called it the Cat’s Eye or Almond, but Unibrow is funnier and self-...

Firewire Surfboards: The Company

We're big fans of Firewire surfboard technology and their philosophy which combines product innovation with environmental consciousness. Their new TimberTek range not only looks unreal but features components that will provide performance on par with...

Review: Firewire Potatonator

The Firewire Potatonator is a special surfboard. I tested a 5'6" x 20 1/4" x 2 1/4" in a range of conditions over a nine month period. For the first couple of weeks I struggled with the Potatonator. I was using a standard quad FCS setup consistin...