5 Key Injury Prevention Tips for Surfers

1. Warm-up: Effective warm ups consist of both general and specific exercises.

2. Stretching: Stretching allows the joints (where two bones connect) to move smoothly though a full range of motion, and is essential to increase performance in the water.

3. Appropriate Training: From my experience training errors are among the most common predisposing factors in the development of sporting injuries. Normally this occurs when a surfer who has a complex injury history commences a general exercise program designed for the relatively healthy majority of surfers.

4. Rest and sleep: Seems obvious but adequate rest and sleep are essential if a surfer is to cope with lots of water time and remain injury free.

5. Good nutrition: Nutrition aids recovery from surfing by replenishing glycogen stores and by providing necessary protein and water.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat, or in the water!

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Aussies Mick Fanning and Bede Durbidge warm up at in Rio in 2012. © ASP/ Dunbar
Aussies Mick Fanning and Bede Durbidge pre-heat warm up in Rio, 2012. © ASP/ Dunbar