Meet Adam Duffy

How are you? What have you been up to today?

I’m currently editing some new images that I took two days ago at an awesome spot in Rio, Brazil where I am living at the moment, my new new local! Plus it’s raining so not much else to do!

Reef McIntosh

Have you had any good waves lately?

Yes just got back from Hawaii a few weeks ago and been getting waves every day in Brazil…

Let’s talk photography. Where do you do most of your work and what are the conditions generally like?

All over, I travel to four destinations minimum a year, chasing the biggest and best conditions. Hawaii is a regular with perfect waves and minimum waiting period…

Copacabana Beach

What’s your favourite piece of kit?

Aquatech housing and 15mm fisheye.

Favourite photographers in the surfing world?

Brian Bielmann, Ted Grambeau, Tim Bonython and Jack McCoy.

Josh Kerr

Besides surfing do you enjoy or work in any other forms of photography?

Not really, just running a business selling my art.

Many people imagine being a surf photographer as a dream job. What are your favourite aspects and what are the challenges?

Favourite aspect is the images themselves – they last a lifetime. And the destination you travel to – the challenge is getting to every place I want to go, can’t afford them all right now.


If you could conjure up a dream surf session who would be out there, what’s the location… and where would you be?

Dream session would consist of Duke Kahanamoku, Kelly Slater, Laird Hamilton and Mike Stewart at Tahiti on one of the perfect reefs there on a perfect day. I would be in the water shooting fisheye over and underwater photos.

How can people buy your work or find out more?

Purchase my work at

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