Exploring the Enviro Surf Art Series

Join us as we meet San Diego-based artist Richard Quinn Morrison to talk about surfing, inspiration and his Enviro Surf Art Series.

Aloha Rich, how are you? How has your day been?

I’m good thanks for asking! It’s been a good start with a fun surf this morning.

Have you had any good waves lately?

Yes, my local spot had a epic day a week or so ago! Plenty of waves in San Diego.

Island Fever

Let’s talk about art. What inspires you to create?

I try to make things that challenge my creativity and hopefully suprise myself with the outcome. I am still in experimental mode right now just trying different things for different looks.

What are the perfect conditions for your creativity?

There is no perfect condition, my works are so random due to my approach and how I make them, I just go with what idea I might have and then execute it and see if it worked, the end result is a image on a canvas that someone can trip out on or enjoy at their home.

Duck Dive

Who are your favourite artists in the surfing world?

I like most of the talent out there, I’m stoked on the ones that are doing images in a different way and doing original art that is theirs not a recreation of someones art or style who is no longer with us.

Being a surf artist sounds like a dream job. What are the challenges and what do you love about it?

The challenge is getting up and running as a fine artist, I was a commercial artist for 20 years, now I make images for me and folks who might want to collect a piece or two of not the same old blue sky, blue water stuff, but I must admit in the end my works are a wave a sky… the kind of same thing that I’m trying not to make! I don’t know what I love about it I just need to create images, sort of a compulsive addiction.

Barrel Dodger

What are your favourite mediums and is there anything you’d love to experiment with in future?

I use so many different mediums in my works, I love spray paint, and random mediums that could give some kind of unexpected effect or look to the image. No big plans for the future just some bigger works.

Is surfing an art, sport or lifestyle?

It is all of the above just different levels for each individual.

Too Big

How can people buy your art and find out more about you?

They can get my work here or Facebook @ Enviro Surf Art Series and The Mint Fine Art Gallery

To find out more about me just google: beer can surfboard