Wading for the Sun

The latest oil painting by Jay Alders was borne during a tumultuous time for the artist.

“Hurricane Sandy devastated my home town area of the Jersey shore and charitable work became my obsession. My cat sadly passed away too. ”

What begun as a sketch sat upon the easel begging for colour to complement the inherent energy in the sky and exaggerated curves.


“I made time when I could between the chaos and it became twoftbonus my sanctuary of escape. This painting served me, it taught me, it created itself as I floated through the ego-less zone of creativity. As with most of my work there is some hidden imagery and symbolism that revealed itself, it is my therapy.  I didn’t base this off any photos, which is always challenging to attempt to think as light thinks, bending realities to form a new believable paradigm.”

The painting is now complete and available to purchase in myriad forms. Congratulations, Jay. Love your work.

For more information visit JayAlders.com.