Top 3 Boardshorts for Christmas

When choosing boardshorts there are lots of things to consider. The main issue used to be form versus function, but with progressive products coming from companies like Hurley you no longer need to choose. You can have it all.

Buying new boardshorts – things to consider:

  • Fit – how well do they fit you fat ass? Are they comfortable when you squat downwards? Do they hang below the knee (not so cool)?
  • Material – are they made of quick dry material? Does the material feel abrasive or smooth to touch. A silky smooth finish (usually) means less chance of developing a rash down there.
  • Construction – are the seams well stitched? How robust is the waistband and string? Test the velcro (if any) on the pocket.
  • Design – well, this is up to you. If your favourite colour is blue and you always wear blue boardies how about breaking out of the mould and trying something new?!

Here’s our top 3 boardshorts for 2013:


Super-functional, Hurley make boardies that will last you a couple of seasons in Bali. Phantoms just don’t let you down (and these look pretty good too).



Volcom have gone for a more subdued, refined look with these numbers.



A clean, playful colour palette for Quikkie boardies this year. We like the symmetry and hope for quality to match!


Bonus: from Billabong

Ahh, taking the fun road Billabong present some colourful numbers that will look good at your favourite festival, the beach bar (where have all the beach bars gone?), or in the water. Love ’em!