The Beach on Your iPhone

If you have an iPhone you probably want to keep that shiny little rectangle of glassy, metallic joy safe. But conventional iPhone cases are, um, ugly and I”m not usually a fan of needing a protective layer for a product that is so inherently fragile that it can”t handle every day use. But I make an exception for iPhones because they”re just so damn sexy. Now imagine if you could make them even more aesthetically appealing…  and specifically for surfers. Possible?

TruProtection – a company based in LA – have developed a range of iPhone cases that bring your favourite surf artists to the palm of your hand. And your ear. And your pocket. All in a slimline, almost weightless product that is  made entirely from post-consumer recycled plastic.

Erik Abel, Heather Brown and Jay Alders are just three surf artists who have partnered with TruProtection to bring you their showcase pieces for everyday functional art appreciation. Form over function is no longer something to contemplate… these little cases are beautiful, functional and environmentally sound.

This is not a sponsored post. We”ve tried, tested and actually really like both TruProtection”s excellent range, the artists with whom they”ve partnered and their business philosophy. They even give 15% of the profits of selected cases back to a range of charities.

Check them out here:

These iPhone cases really are the perfect gift for the surfer in your life.

Jay Alders