Review: Ocean&Earth Double Compact Coffin Cover

Surfboard covers are the difference between a great surf trip and one that starts off with a whole lot of anger, frustration and despair. Arriving somewhere to discover your boards bashed up is a reality that most of us have experienced.

But choosing the right surfboard bag is not a simple decision, with a wide range of options by several brands. You’ve got everything from simple board socks through to coffin covers complete with wheels. Obviously price is a factor, but more important is weight. If you plan to take your boards overseas you don’t want to hit your baggage weight allowance based on the weight of your board bag alone. You need to balance form, function, weight and price.

The best surfboard cover

We think we’ve found the best option: the Ocean&Earth Double Compact Coffin Cover.

First off, we love the moulded rubber side wall. It provides an essential layer of rigidity to protect the nose, tail and rails of your boards. Other boards in the same price range lack this feature.

The bag fits two boards, which is enough for most intermediate travelling surfers. Inside you’ll find a padded separator to add a layer of protection between your surfboards.

The zips are heavy duty and appear stronger and smoother than previous models. Look after your zips and you’ll extend the life of your board bag by years.

An expandable tail gusset means that you can release a zip to allow the tail area to extend out. Perfect for boards that have fixed fins, or for when you can’t get your fins off in time for travel.

Ocean&Earth make this board cover even more useful by including a “Forget-me-not Travel Checklist”, which is actually really useful.

Overall, this surfboard cover is the perfect travel companion for shortboarders. It’s small, light and makes surf travel much less of a hassle. Enjoy the video review.


Ocean&Earth Double Compact Coffin Cover
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Moulded rubber side wall
Expandable tail gusset (for fins)
10mm foam shock absorption
Heavy duty zips
Travel checklist
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