How to Paint Surfboard Fins with Tribal Designs

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Surfboard fins are often the most boring part of a surfboard. Today I decided to change that by adding a touch of tribal art to three black FCS fins. It is easy to paint surfboard fins and in the video below I demonstrate exactly how.

1. Prepare the fin surface

Make sure your fins are clean. Give them a rub with some acetone (nail polish remover) and then a light sand with sandpaper.

2. Create a design

Draw some design ideas on paper. You can freestyle directly onto the fins if you like, but I recommend having a clear draft version first.

3. Start drawing

The fun part – take your time and draw carefully.

4. Seal the fins

Use a clear varnish spray to seal your artwork.


Why would you paint your surfboard fins?

Surfboard art won’t make you surf faster, but it can make you happy. Some people like minimalist, plain surfaces while others prefer to fill these spaces with interesting designs. You don’t have to draw tribal art like I do – use your imagination and draw anything that motivates, inspires or entertains you.

At Surfd we’re big fans of Dane Reynolds and his quirky artistic creations. His collaboration with Captain Fin has resulted in a collection of surf art that is suitably weird and wonderful. If you don’t feel like painting your own fins you could always get a set of black panther fins by Dane.