It may surprise you to hear that Lululemon make activewear for those outside of yoga studios and trendy cafes. In fact, the latest range of Lululemon activewear includes a purpose-built selection of men’s surf and swim shorts. It’s never easy being a new entrant into an already-crowded market but Lululemon have risen to the challenge admirably.

You’d think that having been in the surf game for so long, the big 3 (Rip Curl, Quiksilver, Billabong), would have boardshort technology all figured out. What could a yoga brand add that the big boys haven’t thought of?

The Lululemon Difference

It turns out, quite a lot. Lululemon have done serious R&D – something they’re famous for – in developing these boardshorts. From the fabric to the seams, the drawstring to the snug fit, they exude comfort and quality. Attention to detail is evident throughout the shorts and the manufacturing quality is excellent.

The design on my shorts is pretty awesome too.

Lululemon surf shorts, standing up

Light and comfortable – love the split V on the sides.

Lying on yoga mat

This is shivasana, surf style.

Side view of shorts

The Lululemon logo – for serious surfers

Shorts looking down

Birds eye view

The inseam difference

I’m a big fan of inner linings on boardshorts. These Lululemon trunks have a lightweight mesh inseam that keeps your essential equipment comfortably tucked in, while also providing a touch of compression around the thighs. With that comes a feeling of security and stability many other boardshorts don’t provide. Athletes use compression garments for a reason – it’s time we took note.

The fabric itself is trademark Lululemon quality. It will last you several summers without fraying, tearing or fading from sun exposure. From my experience it didn’t come close to giving me an awkward thigh rash, even after consistent, prolonged use. In fact, I was loathe to take them off, even in favour of my other Lululemon chill shorts, which are most awesomely comfortable.

The thing I really love about these boardshorts is how they are truly multipurpose. You can use them for surfing, but they’re equally suitable for the gym, running, swimming, who knows – perhaps even a yoga class. Not all boardshorts are equal. Many have a plastic feel, or are so silky soft that you slip around on them when sitting on a hard surface. Not a problem with these shorts.

Shorts functionality and form

The Lululemon shorts include a smart diagonal pocket in which you can stash your essentials. It is unobtrusive and robust. The waistband is wide and comfortable. I unfortunately got a pair too large for me, so was even happier about the inseam, which keeps the boardies on, even when conditions get big.

Pocket of shorts

Angled pocket, no money inside


Shorts inseam layer

Current range

The current range of Lululemon swim and surf shorts include the all-rounder ‘Namaste At The Beach Short II’, the ‘Channel Cross Short’ for those who like it light and airy and, my favourite, the ‘Current State Short‘. These are no yoga pants. Watch to see why:


I’m proud to say that an essential part of my surfing activewear is made by a company from Vancouver, Canada, whose spirit evolved from yoga into something uniquely representative of the active lifestyle, positivity and vitality. Lululemon have a solid sustainability approach and masterful craftsmanship in their manufacturing. Sure, you may pay more, but rather buy quality clothing that lasts for many years. This is the only way we can improve our relationship with mother earth, including her oceans.

Based purely on quality and performance, the Lululemon swim short range would score at the highest level. The fact that there’s a lot of depth to the company is a bonus. Surf industry, watch out!

Note to Lululemon: when can we expect your first wetsuit range? As the masters of tights and leggings I am expecting great things!

Inside of shorts

Truly seamless insides

Inner seams of shorts

Incredible construction – pretty much unrivalled by the competition

Lululemon Boardshorts
Truly Multipurpose
The choice for surfers who value sustainability, quality and excellent design.
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