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Oh, the joys of parenthood. Dirty nappies (diapers), sleepless nights, mountains of baby necessities, and the ubiquitous stroller, a.k.a. the baby buggy.

Taj Burrow, one of the most influential surfers of his generation, recently joined the daddy club. To celebrate he collaborated with Lost Surfboards and created a board that is a little different from his standard competitive shortboard. While the Baby Buggy looks flat and wide it’s no slouch in good waves and doesn’t meander into Hybrid or fun board classification.

This board is no dad joke.

Who is this board for?

Not only for new parents, this board will suit anyone who needs a bit more volume. Maybe you’ve put on a few pounds, or simply want an alternative to your performance thruster, without going as far as a hybrid or fish design.

The Baby Buggy is going to be a great travel companion, especially if space is an issue. You’d be comfortable riding this board in relatively critical conditions as well as onshore mush.

If you’re not quite ready to transition to a proper fun board then this is a way to get more foam under your belly without sacrificing high-performance characteristics.

Watch TB in the video below to see what he thinks.

Board features

Fin Setup: 3 fin thruster design
Fin System: FCSII fin boxes
Outline: Wide shortboard, designed to be ridden shorter than your usual shortboard
Concave: Single to double concave bottom shape for speed
Rocker: Conservative rocker to offer the feel of a high-performance shortboard
Tail: Square tail as usually sported by Taj

From the manufacturer

From Lost Surfboards website:

After 18 or so years of non-stop World Touring, it’s fair that Mr. Burrow would want to enjoy himself a little. This past summer, with the upcoming birth of his first child and knowing he would be passing on a couple events to be home for the big day, Taj requested “Something short ‘n fun, but still a (normal) board. Nothing too fishy. Right about, or just over, my typical volume, but just squished down and playful”. Going to work, we started with his 5’9 18.25” 2.25” 24.50cl (personal dims) Beach Buggy, and re-visioned it at 5’6” 18.63” 2.25”. We filled in the rails and foil until it sat at 25 liters flat, then relaxed the entire rocker, so the new bottom curve nestled perfectly within the curve of the original 5’9”.

We hoped he would still be able to draw the same lines in spite of a much shorter rail line. We sent the first one to Tahiti and after his unfortunate exit from the Teahupoo event, I received the best kinda text you could ask for: “That little board is ludicrous. I just surfed a soft little beachy here in Tahiti, and the thing went bananas”. After a couple subtle requested tweaks to rails and tail thickness, we made a couple more and decided on a fitting name. Like every new father, there’s impending daddy duties and Mr. Burrow needs a new ride….The Baby Buggy! Domestication with a High-Performance twist.

If it’s good enough for TB…It’s good enough for anybody. Taj rides his 3” shorter and with a bit more volume than his typical stick, but average surfers can be more generous and go with added volume and maybe only 1″-2” shorter than a typical HPSB. For custom orders, it’s also just fine to order this board in your typical dims.

Here’s Taj Burrow in Western Australia, riding his new 5’6″ Baby Buggy model. Note the tight arcs and creative lines drawn by Taj. Not your average dad-surfing.

MSW perspective

Designed with help from Taj Burrow, the Baby Buggy is a board that he used when having some time off the tour. The board was made to be something fun whilst still being a shortboard, not a high volume floater or hybrid. The baby buggy is a typical Taj board, but it has slightly more volume than his previous pro models and is a bit smaller and playful.

Reviews from the web

The Baby Buggy is the perfect blend of domestication with some built in High Performance. Taj rides his 3″ shorter and with a bit more volume than his regular shortboard, but an average surfer can be more generous and go with added volume and maybe only 1 – 2 inches shorter than his typical high performance shortboard.

Compare Surfboards liked it

An easier proposition for the masses vs. the very high performance models Taj usually rides, this Lost Baby Buggy features a slightly fuller, more voluminous outline. As usual, Matt Biolos nails the foil and this board blends performance with average wave speed and paddle power.

Sunrise Surf Shop gave thumbs up

Based on our review we feel that the Lost “Baby Buggy” is one of the best all around Florida boards, if not all around small/medium wave performance boards ever. Check out our review and give one a try for yourself!

The Baby Buggy is Legit

I had fun on both boards in 1-5′ waves and the performance level of the Baby Buggy was exceptional to my standards. Both boards had great speed, maneuverability, and were very versatile in all the wave sizes and heights I tested them in.

Do you ride a Baby Buggy?

If you’ve joined the legions of Lost surfboard fans who own a Baby Buggy let us know what you like most about the board in the review section below.

Lost Baby Buggy Shortboard
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