Meet surf artist Elena Grib

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Hey Elena! How’s your day going?

Hey Bradley! I’m doing great! At the moment I’m in gorgeous Bali, it means morning surfing, beach chilling, fresh and colorful food and magnificent sunset as a bonus!

Had any good waves lately?

Oh yes! Can’t be more happy living in my tropical waves heaven! Surfing almost every morning) For me ocean, beach life and nature are absolutely priceless connection with my source of energy, inspiration. Ocean makes me feel now, in this moment, feel so kind, feel love. The nature gives me balance of mind, body, soul.

What’s your favourite surf spot?

With the traveling I realize that I don’t see the world in categories of ‘fav spot’ or ‘fav book, dish, etc.’ This frame isn’t for me anymore. I love the ‘now’ spot, book, dish! So, at the moment I’m in Bali, so I adore to surf in Canggu.

Tell us a little bit about your path to artistry?

Well, I believe that we all born with the heart full of love and power to create. Since my childhood I was painting every time, as I can remember. I was into oil painting, my parent’s house and the houses of my close friends have plenty of my creations) But only 5 years ago I turned it to the full time work! So happy and proud of myself I dared to dream, to imagine and to make real the life I wanted!

How do you find flow and stay motivated?

Flow is an essential part of my life. It gives a feeling of being the best part of myself, pure and clean. And it’s so real, unique and beautiful. Surround myself with the people who inspire me, surround myself with the nature and animals create a good environment for staying motivated! Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature… said Frank Lloyd Wright! I see it so familiar with my beliefs!

Do you have any creative people you strongly admire?

Definitely! I would love to see in real French artists @marynn_marynn and @supakitch! They create a gorgeous things! And of course there are many more. Kandinsky, Rene Magritte, Bauhaus school, Rem Koolhaas, Zaha Hadid, Frank Lloyd Wright! They think and see the world in a different perspective. They are strong enough to believe in their ideas even if no one does! They are unique and so talented!

Do you have a mantra or words of wisdom to live by?

I do. And it’s simple and it makes me shine from inside out. But I would like to keep it for me.

Thanks, Elena, how can people connect with you to find out more?

Everyone is welcome to my Instagram account @oh_ocean, where I share the life behind the scenes, let’s name it like that) Some moments of my life and my artworks). Also I have online shop with worldwide free delivery, so go to check it out!