7 of the best environmentally friendly wetsuits

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If you’re in the market for a new wetsuit it is worthwhile considering options that are manufactured using sustainable materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Conventional Neoprene is a synthetic rubber – also called polychloroprene – derived primarily from oil and sometimes from limestone. It was invented by the DuPont company as a substitute for natural rubber, which was in high demand in the early 20th century.

Neoprene exploded onto the scene, providing a quality, durable material that can be used for insulation, safety gear and, of course, in wetsuits. Unfortunately manufacturing Neoprene – especially from oil – is seriously unsustainable and communities near manufacturing plants have reported seriously negative health outcomes, including an increase in cancers.

The Californian Proposition 65 document now includes chloroprene amongst its list of carcinogens. You might have noticed the ominous warning “This product may cause cancer” on certain Neoprene wetsuits and rash guards.

Clearly, many surfers are waking up to the importance of choosing products that are both sustainably sourced and manufactured.

To help you make your decision, we’ve researched 7 of the best eco-friendly wetsuits available today.

Patagonia Men’s R3 Yulex Front-Zip Full Suit

Patagonia sets the bar high with their neoprene-free wetsuit, constructed from a warm and stretchy blend of 85% Yulex® natural rubber and 15% synthetic rubber. Suggested for water temperatures ranging from 48°–55° F/9°–13° C, this suit is not only high-performance but also Fair Trade Certified™ sewn, ensuring ethical manufacturing practices.


Warmth & Stretch

  • 85% Yulex® natural rubber/15% synthetic, chlorine-free rubber by polymer content; natural rubber is Forest Stewardship Council® certified by the Rainforest Alliance
  • Arms/legs have stretchy, solution-dyed 100% recycled polyester lining; stretchy, solution-dyed exterior is 85% recycled polyester/15% spandex; laminated with solvent-free AquaA™ glue
  • Torso/thighs have stretchy, solution-dyed 95% polyester (51% recycled)/5% spandex microgrid thermal lining that dries fast and minimizes weight

Durable & Watertight

  • Asymmetrical front-zip with replaceable, corrosion-proof Salmi® zipper provides better seal and extends suit’s lifespan; internal key loop included
  • 100% external seam sealing; all seams are triple-glued and internally taped
  • Supratex kneepads and ankle cuffs for maximum durability and anatomic fit

Check out our review of the Patagonia R2.

Price: USD $489

Buy here: patagonia.com

Xcel Drylock X 3/2 Full Wetsuit

Xcel continues to lead the way in eco-conscious surf gear with their Drylock X 3/2 Full Wetsuit. Crafted with premium materials and innovative technologies, this wetsuit offers optimal flexibility, warmth, and durability. What sets it apart is Xcel’s use of eco-friendly materials, including limestone-based neoprene and water-based adhesives, reducing the reliance on petroleum-based resources.


• Channel Flex
• Expanded Celliant Black
• Ultra Stretch IR
• Stitch Free Power Seam
• 100% Waterproof Zipper System
• Drylock Wrist Seals
• Fusion X Seam Tape

Price: USD $564.95

Buy here: xcelwetsuits.com

Matuse Tumo 3/2 Wetsuit

Inspired by the ancient Buddhist meditation technique, Matuse’s Tumo wetsuit is engineered to keep you warm even in the coldest environments. Designed with Geoprene, this wetsuit allows you to focus on what truly matters – improving your surfing skills – while leaving behind concerns about being cold and uncomfortable. The premium Ichiban Matuse construction ensures that every surf session becomes an eagerly anticipated event, giving you more reasons to get out of bed in the morning and fewer excuses to stay on the shore.


  • Hydrasilk Pro: Hydrasilk Pro is buttery-soft located inside and outside of your suit, aka you won’t want to take it off.
  • Satin Seal Tape: Silky smooth taping applied to the inside seams adds durability to areas of high use.
  • Oversized Knee Pads: Keep your duck diving knee pressure damage to a minimum with our oversized coverage.
  • Easy access zippered key pouch: With elastic cord on lower leg / you don’t have to take your suit off to access a key or other items stored while surfing. Non-locking enamel coated #3 YKK zipper prevents salt corrosion.
  • YKK Aquaseal Zipper: 100% waterproof zipper with snap guard.

Price: USD $670

Buy here: matuse.com

Mahulu Elliptio 4/3 Wetsuit

Inspired by the longevity of the Elliptio mussel, the Mahulu Elliptio wetsuit is built to last and contribute to a sustainable future. Made with revolutionary ecofoam that contains no petroleum-based neoprene, this wetsuit provides unmatched comfort, flexibility, warmth, and durability while minimizing environmental impact. Embrace the Mahulu Elliptio and experience the perfect blend of performance, longevity, and environmental responsibility.

Eco-friendly doesn’t mean sustainable. Other wetsuits claim to minimize their impact on the planet, we want to maximize ours. We’re regenerating the planet, not destroying it. That’s an impact we want to maximize with our neoprene-free ecofoam.

People, Planet, Profit. In that order. Businesses of the 21st century must improve the lives of every person and ecosystems they touch. Let’s build something new together.


  • Sustainable: Ecofoam is neoprene-free
  • Biodegradable: Made from oyster shells, sugar cane, natural rubber and non-edible plant oil
  • Thermal lining: Recycled polyester for added warmth (in 4/3 and thicker suits)
  • Reinforced Seams: Double-blind stitched for durability
  • Water entry prevention:
    • Chest-zip entry
    • Glide skin inner neck seal
    • Seam sealed tape
  • Aqua-flush Panels: For ankle drainage
  • Back-knee embossed:  Provides greater flexibility
  • Key Pocket
  • Durable YKK Zipper
  • Safe: USDA approved

Price: USD $380.00

Buy here: mahu.lu

Vissla North Seas 3/2 Full Suit

Experience ultimate freedom of movement with Vissla’s North Seas 3/2 Full Suit. Designed with anatomically engineered body lines and minimal seams, this suit delivers unrestricted performance and optimal warmth. Vissla’s commitment to sustainability shines through in their thoughtfully crafted wetsuit.

We use earth mined limestone to replace petrochemicals in our neoprene. It comes from nature and has less environmental impact.



Warmth & Stretch

  • I-Foam Premium- the lightest weight, warmest & stretchiest limestone based neoprene available; significantly less weight, enhanced flexibility and superior comfort
  • Full body thermal and Brain Fuzz lining insulates heat and dries fast
  • Dope Dyed Fabric- A softer, eco-friendly, anti-fade made by Bluesign approved mills
  • AquaA eco-friendly water-based lamination is completely solvent free with no harmful chemicals

Durable & Watertight

  • PK S-LOCK Water Tight Zipper – Chest-zip entry with Cris-X panels for easy entry and minimal bulk with a perfect fit
  • Vissla’s super stretch Neo 2.0 tape allows for maximum seam sealing while having unrestricted stretch and comfort
  • Tripled glued, double blind stitched seam
  • Glideskin on the neck seasl to skin to prevent flushing
  • Knee pad – Supratex abrasion resistant jersey for flexibility and strength
  • Liquid taped on the cuffs, seals to prevent flushing
  • Easy access secure key cord

Price: USD $300

Buy here: vissla.com

Picture Civic 3/2 Zip Free Wetsuit

Picture prides itself on offering the best possible environmentally friendly product design. Their Civic 3/2 wetsuit stands out with unique designs and is valued for its superior quality. Picture products are made from 100% recycled, organic, or responsibly sourced materials, allowing you to surf with confidence in an eco-friendly suit.

The Civic 3/2 Zip Free suit is essential for your mid-season sessions. It is made from Picture Naturalprene and constructed using Aqua-a ™ water-based glue lamination technology. This suit has stitched seams glued for more waterproofness, seamless areas and knee pads for optimal comfort and ideal freedom of movement.



  • Hermetic construction without zip, using a PU coating to benefit from the best sealing
  • Elastic tape strategically placed to prevent water ingress
  • Resistant and stretchable zone thanks to a specific fabric construction for more durability and comfort
  • The seams are triple glued and then sewn with invisible stitches. More stretch and fewer water entries
  • More ergonomic construction behind the knees for more comfort
  • Provides great mobility of the shoulder without any irritation


  • Smooth neckline for better waterproofing and more comfort
  • Hydrophobic recycled polyester which allows quick drying and better insulation. Also gives more lightness to the suit during practice
  • Double thickness to protect the sides
  • Facilitates water drainage
  • An innovative fit inspired by triathlon suits. Its construction frees the mobility of the shoulder. Adapts easily to the free zip or front zip.
  • The band is glued inside each seam

Price: €359.99

Buy here: picture-organic-clothing.com

Sen No Sen – Yulex 4/3 Black

Experience the most efficient and environmentally friendly material with the Sen No Sen Yulex 4/3 wetsuit. Made from Yulex natural rubber grown in a sustainable and renewable way, this wetsuit offers top-notch performance while reducing reliance on synthetic neoprene. With its commitment to sustainability, Sen No Sen ensures that you can ride the waves knowing that you’re making a positive impact on the planet.

Our mission is to design and manufacture the best products that we want to wear every day and that make our lives better.


  • FrontZip closure for a easy to put on and make rowing easier because there are no pressure points on the shoulders or back
  • Hand-assembled for a better non-standard service life
  • Glued stitch and inner band for a excellent insulation 
  • Combination light, dries quickly
  • Cut designed for a maximum comfort and uncompromising freedom of movement while maintaining excellent posture
  • Directly from the workshop to your home, without intermediaries, to offer best value

Price: €349.00

Buy here: sennosen.com