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If you’re looking for a surfing-themed book that will entertain and educate the kids in your life then you won’t find better than Hubi’s Surf Atlas by Wiilder World. In fact, you might just find yourself reaching for this book when the surf is flat and you feel like exploring the world’s most interesting surf destinations.

The book opens up with a letter from Hubi, followed by a world map that features spots on every continent – even Antarctica. We then progress to the dream quiver, which includes every type of water craft from a skimboard to a SUP. A quote on the page reads, “With the right board, there’s always a wave to ride.”

This sets the tone for the whole adventure. It is inspiring and motivational, presented in an immersive format that combines beautiful illustrations with high-quality information. Even experienced (adult) surfers will learn about each destination’s climate, wave size, hazards and what to pack.

Who is this book for?

This book is suitable for anyone, from 3-year old grommets, who will enjoy browsing the pictures, to a 6-year old who is just learning to read, to teenagers who are dreaming of their future adventures. Perhaps most of all, this book is for surfing parents who are loving introducing their offspring to the wonder of surf travel.

What makes Hubi’s Surf Atlas unique?

The atlas includes stories, reports and spot guides from every corner of the globe, including 200+ facts and infographics. The book has been carefully composed, following the optimal surf season for each of the featured locations. It also features a comprehensive glossary and some blank pages for the reader to write about their home break and one of their own surf experiences.

The book is large, hardcover, and 96 pages long. It is a perfect companion for any family coffee table.

Dimensions:25 x 32 cm (9,8 x 12,6 inch)
Printed in:European Union
Words by:Joachim Christgau and Alex Whitman
Illustrations:Kristian Funder

Paper in this book is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. FSC promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests.

Editorial Reviews

Exciting, playful, wonderfully thought and illustrated, educational and fun to read, for kids as well as for adults. Lifts the spirit and calls for adventure. Wanderlust rises as you go through the pages. The whole family loves it!


My kids love Hubi’s Surf Atlas. The surf adventures take you to exciting locations. The content is rich with beautiful illustrations. This is the perfect book for grade school and young teens. My sons are now dreaming of where to go next. We look forward to the next Hubi adventure book.


Amazing atlas for kids and grown ups! Images are superb and shared facts are very interesting.


An amazing book for the kids. Hubi’s Surf Atlas has both educational and entertainment value for groms. I encourage people to buy a copy for their kids

Barton Lynch, former World Tour Champion

Hubi’s Surf Atlas is probably one of the most beautiful surf books published in the 21st century. A perfect gift for any kid, but also an emotional present for all surfer-adults.

Surfer Today Magazine

What the publisher says

Surfing, geography, culture, wildlife, and STEM concepts combine in this illustrated atlas. Hubi’s Surf Atlas is for every ocean lover and buccaneer spirit—perfect for the dreamy adventurer of any age, fun-loving expert or budding surf family. Read aloud, enjoy radical illustrations, tackle new facts, discover the planet, bring smiles to the hammock, homeschool or classroom. Hubi’s surf adventures will engage readers with learning that excites and inspire them to dream big dreams.

Three words to describe Hubi’s Atlas

Vibrant, motivational, curious


We love this book because it is lovingly crafted with extreme attention to detail. We’re excited to hear that Part 2 is in the works. In an age where surf travel has been all but obliterated this surfing atlas keeps the dream alive.

Adventure has always been part of the surfing experience. Wondering what lies beyond the next headland, or across the sea. Finding ourselves there, at a destination where the ocean is a different colour, where the light seems strange. Then dropping into a wave and feeling it all come together – that sensation of gliding across a wall of water.

In order to review this book, we tested it with a genuine child. A 6-year-old who is able to stand-up on a surfboard. She now knows everything about a wave in Munich (somewhere her dad has been), about surfing in Norway, about chasing typhoons in Japan. Where does she want to go? The Surf Ranch (designed by Kelly Slater) in California. 😂

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Hubi’s Surf Atlas Part 2 is Coming soon!

Review: Hubi’s Surf Atlas
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Whether it is a gift, for education or to brighten your coffee table, Hubi's Surf Atlas is an essential book for every surf family.
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