The Bitty Brah surf hat: essential protection for young surfers

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Bitty Brah is a brand devoted to protecting people from the sun while they enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle. Founded by Californian entrepreneur, Larinna Cothren, Bitty Brah began as a passion project but soon became a fully fledged startup that is making waves of its own.

For surfers, Bitty Brah’s caps are a perfect summer accessory, being water resistant, featuring a floating foam brim and super comfy form factor.

We received our Bitty Brah Sunset Sessions model – one for adults and one for kids – and decided to review them straight away. A sweltering summer day and fun 1-2 foot waves provided the perfect test ground.

The first thing you notice about Bitty Brah hats is that they look good, like really good. most surf hats resemble jockey caps, or look like they’d be better suited to the head of a scarecrow.

High five for surfing with Dad

Bitty Brah hats have a trucker cap shape that is appealing both as a fashion item and action sports accessory. We loved the drawstring which meant that our youngest reviewer did not lose her cap even when getting smashed by shoulder high (to her) shore breaks.

Bitty Brah have an ideal brim width – it doesn’t obstruct peripheral vision yet provides plenty of shade for nose and cheeks.

I love my Bitty Brah cap, it’s so comfortable and has a cool graphic!

7-year-old reviewer

The brim can be quickly flipped up or folded down, depending on how you like to wear it. What’s great about this versatility is there is plenty of flex for duck diving, meaning the cap stays on in tricky situations.

How did the Bitty Brah perform?

The cap is a fantastic choice for youngsters. It looks good, stays on and remains lightweight even after full submersion.

We caught over 20 waves in a session with no mishaps and the reviewer’s surf coach / dad loved his matching model. He said the hat is the perfect option for water sports enthusiasts – of all ages.

The cap has an excellent fit, is easy to adjust and has a cool design.

Brad, reviewing the adult Bitty Brah Sunset Sessions cap

Product highlights

  • Adjustable nylon drawstring that keeps hats on (with a safety release)
  • Easily packable, lightweight & won’t lose its shape
  • Water-resistant and quick drying
  • Floats In water – so if you do lose it you’ll find it floating nearby
  • Great selection of colors and sizes for all ages

Bitty Brah caps for adults

When our junior reviewer was out of energy, the senior reviewer had a turn riding some small but fun summer close-outs. The cap is great for small wave fun and serves as a great all rounder.

In small conditions the cap is a good performer. In larger conditions (as with most caps) – you may find that you emerge from a wipe-out capless. The good news is that if you lose the hat, it floats to the surface, so you can quickly find it again!


If you’re looking to keep your face in shade this summer then the Bitty Brah range of caps are a great solution. For kids, the drawstring and great design will encourage usage, which for adults the cap is an awesome summer accessory. It will stay on all day long and the product still looks great after several sessions.

We highly recommend Bitty Brah surf hats as an ideal purchase for sun protection – especially for younger surfers and beach lifestyle enthusiasts.

The Bitty Brah surf hat: essential protection for young surfers
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