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Surfing is about the connection between a surfer and the ocean, an interplay between a human, a surfboard, and a wave. But humans love innovation, and new technologies are infiltrating all aspects of our work and lives.

We see this in surfing already. The simple act of riding a wave has changed with the arrival of foilers, wave pools, and SUP riders. Gone are the days when the local bodyboarder or longboarder was an annoyance. Now, with surfing more accessible than ever before and a deluge of new enthusiasts picking up crafts of all shapes and sizes, we need to find ways to maximize our enjoyment of the surfing experience.

Far from the 6’0″ thruster that was the standard just a decade ago, many of us now explore the cutting-edge of surf innovation for our next kick. We try asymmetrical boards, we ride weird hybrids without shame, we wear sustainably manufactured wetsuits, and we test all kinds of well-being regimens to improve our surf fitness.

So is there anything left worth trying? Is any invention waiting out there promising a better, faster, more intense surfing experience?

Enter the world of Boost Surfing, an innovative approach to our ancient pastime that could give you a boost when you need it most.

My experience with the Boost Fin

I’m not a longboarder, and I am, therefore, very much looking forward to attaching the Boost Fin to one of my hybrid shapes, like the trusty Twice Baked. Boost does provide adapters for this purpose, but I am yet to get my gadget-loving hands on one.

So in order to review the product, I attached it to my wife’s 9’0″ Firewire Wingnut Noserider. I confess I felt awkward just carrying a 9-foot board to the shore. I paddled out into shoulder-high waves (with the occasional bigger set) and then remembered: I have a superpower. I waited for a break between sets and tapped the left side of my wrist controller. The engine whirred to life. Suddenly I was being propelled towards the lineup at, perhaps, twice or three times the speed of my normal paddling.

I made it out to the lineup, and some lines started peaking up. I turned and tapped the right-hand side of the controller, which gives you a short burst of speed. The engine came alive, and I was racing along the wall at speed. Again, I’m no longboarder, but this was… fun!

I used the Boost to get me back out, even punching through a few closeouts with the extra propulsion. Far from making me lazy, I found I was paddling even harder than usual. Within 20 minutes, I had snagged 8 waves. That’s a lot, by my standards.

I was feeling exhilarated, and the waves were getting better. I contemplated grabbing my shortboard from the car but was enjoying my electric fin experience, so kept buzzing back to the lineup. I did get smashed by some bigger sets and quickly learned how to “turn turtle.”

Back on the beach, some kids gathered around, curious about my fin. Far from being considered a nuisance, the Boost Fin made me a bit of a hero. This would not be the case if I arrived with a gigantic foil.

My verdict

This is a heap of fun. You might not surf as fluidly as you would with a conventional fin setup, especially if you’re a pro surfer. For the rest of us, looking to elevate performance on small days, the Boost Fin is a cool tool. If you have an injury, are getting old, or maybe you’re just lazy, then this can take the pain (especially shoulder burn) out of your next surf session.

Who invented the Boost Fin?

In the heart of Huntington Beach, renowned for its powerful swells, two amateur surfers, Alex and Dmitri, were wrestling with a daunting challenge. Alex, burdened with an old shoulder injury, found that his physical limitations were a significant hindrance when trying to get into the line-up. They dreamt of a device that could help surfers like Alex reach the line-up more quickly, catch more waves, and surf for longer periods. Their innovative solution was the Boost Fin, the world’s first electric fin that would revolutionize the surfing experience for countless enthusiasts.

What does the Boost Fin do?

The Boost Fin, a unique motorized fin, hooks up to any surfboard in just five minutes, integrating seamlessly like any other fin. It’s not just about adding power to your surfboard; it’s about giving you control. You can attach the controller to the top of your board or keep it in your hand. With the simple press of a button, you can engage a long boost or a quick 2-second burst, depending on your needs.

What makes the Boost Fin a game-changer is its power. It gives your board 20 pounds of thrust, the equivalent of 15 people rowing a canoe at full speed. This boost can propel you to a top speed of 10mph, significantly increasing your ability to catch more waves. Imagine being able to catch three times more waves during your surfing session! That’s a transformative experience for any surfer.

But what about battery life, you ask? The Boost Fin packs enough power to last for an average surfing session of 60–90 minutes. That’s ample time to catch wave after wave without worrying about running out of juice.

Built to Last

When you’re out in the ocean, you need equipment that can withstand the elements. The Boost Fin was designed with this in mind. Its shock-resistant body is ready for rough water and is designed to take some hits, making it a durable companion for your surfing adventures.

In addition to its sturdy build, the Boost Fin is designed to reduce drag and resistance to a minimum. Every detail, from the propeller pitch to the blade surface and feathering prop, is meticulously engineered to enhance your surfing experience.

Despite its power and robustness, the Boost Fin is incredibly lightweight, weighing in at only 2.7 lbs (nearly 1200g). You’ll hardly notice it’s there as long as your board has enough volume. I’ll report back after trying it on a shorter craft.

The Power is in Your Hands

In keeping with the spirit of control and customization, the Boost Fin comes with its very own app. The Electric Boost Fin App allows you to adjust the speed as you need, giving you even more control over your surfing experience.

Riding the Future

The Boost Fin isn’t just a product; it’s a testament to human ingenuity and the desire to push boundaries. It’s a perfect blend of technology and passion, creating a whole new way of surfing. With thousands of pre-orders and counting, the Boost Fin is set to make a splash in the surfing community, inviting every surfer, from the novice to the seasoned pro, to paddle faster. Is this going to create mayhem at already busy lineups? Maybe. But they’re already pretty crazy so at least you’ll be able to compete with foilers and SUP-riders.

We live in an exciting time where the boundaries of what’s possible are being stretched and redefined every day. The Boost Fin is a prime example of this spirit of innovation and progress. Lightweight, power-packed, and designed for maximum efficiency, this device brings a new level of control and excitement to the surfing experience.

Technical specifications of the Boost Fin reflect its high performance. With a weight of 2.7 lb (nearly 1200g), a measurement of 10.5”9”3.5”, and made of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer and ABS Plastic, the Boost Fin is built to last. It offers a maximum thrust of 20 lbs and speeds up to 10 mph. The buoyancy is -0.7 lb, powered by a Li-ion 3500 mAh, 24 V, 84 Wh battery. The maximum power it can deliver is up to 800 W, and it operates with a remote frequency of 433 mhz.

As we look towards the future of surfing, the Boost Fin offers a tantalizing glimpse of what’s to come. Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking to catch more waves or a newcomer eager to get out into the line-up more quickly, the Boost Fin promises to revolutionize your surfing experience. So why not jump on board and experience the thrill of Boost Surfing for yourself?

The Boost Fin brings surfing into the future. It’s not just a tool; it’s a new way of engaging with the ocean, a way of experiencing the thrill of surfing that is more accessible, more exciting, and more satisfying than ever before. So here’s to the future of surfing, a future that looks brighter, faster, and far more exhilarating than we could have ever imagined. Surf’s up!

In conclusion, the Boost Fin is a brilliant innovation that is upgrading the surfing experience. It’s an exciting time to be a surfer, and the future looks even brighter with advancements like the Boost Fin.

Review: Surf faster with the Boost Surfing Electric Fin
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