We’re proud to announce that is about to start sending more pointless drivel to your inbox, on a semi-regular basis. Put it this way: it’s better than SPAM and worse than a kiss from your favourite online dating site – so you may as well do it.

Some will call it a newsletter – we call it “Message in a (blue)bottle“. Sign up below for updates, exclusive photos and competitions.

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now, win stuff


We need to name our lovable email delivery assistant (see left). A member of the Physalia Utriculus species this androgenous fellow is a bluebottle and all he / she wants is to be close to you. Yep, in a creepy way.

Give our bluey a name and the best entry (1 x male, 1 x female or both if you’re Lady Gaga) will win either a new JETS bikini or a pair of Quiksilver Cypher boardies.

Simply send your entry in an email to [email protected] by 10/03/2010! This is a game of skill. Yeah, really.

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