Firewire Surfboards: The Company

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We’re big fans of Firewire surfboard technology and their philosophy which combines product innovation with environmental consciousness. Their new TimberTek range not only looks unreal but features components that will provide performance on par with conventional boards.

CEO, Mark Price, who is a pretty cool dude said,”. While we’re still a long way away from a ‘cradle-to-cradle’ surfboard, that is a surfboard that is 100% recycled, Timbertek does represent a significant step forward in that direction.”

Now watch the video above and get your CV ready. Any company CEO who says, “If the surfs really pumping and someone needs to take an extra hour for lunch – it’s not frowned upon”… deserves a Best Employer award in our books.

Watch out for our forthcoming Unibrow review, featuring TimberTek construction and an achingly beautiful finish we can’t take our eyes off.