3 Surf Books that keep giving

It’s nearly Christmas-time… so what will you stick in your favourite surfer’s stocking? Wax, a surf video, a new pair of booties? All good ideas but, even for those with an aversion to literary pursuits, a surf book is a great gift at any time of year. Some even have really pretty pictures!

If you are a surfer and you love books about surfing tell us in the comments which one you’d like for Christmas. We send the list off to Salty Santa and his elf groms who live off the coast of western Sumatra for close consideration.

Here”s our top 3 picks for Christmas!

1. Surfari by Tim Baker

In a story for anyone who has ever dreamed of an alternative to the busy, micro-scheduled existence of work, school, shopping, and housework, surf writer Tim Baker and his family grab their surfboards and hit the open road.

2. SURF NAKED! A Fail-Proof How-to Guide to Surfing for Adults ONLY! By Jacob Ray

This hilarious and insightful journey teach you how to avoid looking and acting like a kook while guiding you towards progressing your surfing as quickly as possible. Even though it is written for novice surfers everyone will enjoy Jacob’s witty tough-love.

3. Surfing Life Waves by Bradley Hook

Imagine being able to approach your life experiences with the exuberance, flow and excitement that surfers get while catching waves. This book uses surfing as a metaphor for approaching life and makes a perfect Christmas gift!

  1. Say in a period of a few months you were to read threw all 3 books as far as you could well learning good from them.
    How would that compare to
    Reading one book in three months as far threw as you could well learning from it.

    Do you think that in the first example the fact that you are reading 3 books makes it harder to learn at full capacity then if you were to only read one book

    It seems to me that reading 3 books would weaken you ability to learn from each but it’s so tempting to read all 3. The best looks like Tim’s surfari.

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