The wave

. Through wind convection and a million other variables a pulse of water is projected towards a land mass, literally ripples in a big blue pond on our precious home, Earth. When this swell arrives, if the force against the ocean’s floor is great enough, it will steepen and spill forth as a wave, no two ever the same. In life, waves of opportunity are everywhere. Identifying the right ones and learning to ride them takes practice, dedication and hard work. When you’ve identified the right wave for you – whether it’s a new relationship, career, adventure or goal – and the opportunity arrives, do everything you can to catch it. Paddle with determination, commitment, focus and instinct. This is where you synchronise yourself with the opportunity.


The ghosts of people you didn’t become linger always around you. . Sometimes waves that seem irrelevant can give you the perfect experience, partly because it was unexpected. Often all it takes is a change of board, or attitude, to appreciate what has been there all along.

Your wave is here, you’re looking into the abyss (and the abyss is looking into you) so gather momentum and, in the words of every surf instructor anywhere, “paddle, paddle, paddle!”

The wave is the fifth chapter from Surfing Life Waves, a surf book about life, by Bradley Hook.