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Misfit Beach Cloud
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Misfit is a collective of “mad minds” who do a good job of swimming against the tide of a sometimes bland surf industry. Blending art and experimentation with deep surfing roots, they create surfboards that provide unique board-riding propositions.

Sure, surfing has changed over the past decade and we’re not all riding the same Channel Islands 6’0″ as we used to, but Misfit shapes like the Beach Cloud remain fringe possibilities for most surfers looking to buy a fish. After all, it’s not a quad you could ride as a twin fin. It is a purebred twin fin fish, straight from the early eighties, yet refined with today’s technology.

The Misfit team have links to other creative surf brands like RVCA and Insight, so its not surprising that their creations are blessed with a touch of counter culture and tested by team rippers like Otis Carey.

Check out the shape: it’s understated, yet energetic. MFBEACHCLOUD-MISFIT-1

The Misfit Beach Cloud – curves in all the right places

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About the Beach Cloud, from the Misfit Team

The second of our 2016 ‘Modern Cloud Control’ Collection with an overall design emphasis on free-flowing, progressive shapes, the ‘BEACH CLOUD’ is the modern take on a classic twin fin feel.

Bottom contours and Rocker

There is subtle single concave through the entry running in to double concave through the mid, to slight vee in front of fins, exiting with more pronounced vee out through tail. This enables ease of paddling and glide over fat sections, and the double/ vee really frees the tail up for fluent carves, release and classic highline arcs.

Rocker in tail is very flat with a subtle amount of nose lift. Having the flat tail rocker balances out the vee in tail and the subtle nose rocker lifts the nose out of water to help with the performance of the board.


Hard rail line from tail up past front fins then softening as rail gets to the nose. Having the hard edge running up past the fins allows for solid hold and stability on those highlines, but also offsets having the vee through tail which would make the twinny too loose if edge wasn’t there. The softer rails upfront just add forgiveness and ease in rail-to-rail transitions.

Overall, the rails are medium/ low for extra hold in wave at higher speeds, but it also adds some forgiving qualities that all fishes should have.


Like classic twins, the board has as a fuller nose into a proportionally curvy outline down to the tail. No straight lines in this board as we designed this twinny with modern surfy surf in mind, while staying true to the speed, flow and highline attributes of classic twin fin approach.
Again, ride short, ride with style, ride at a million miles an hour (doesn’t quite rhyme as much as we’d had liked…)


Beach Cloud Twin Fin in Action

It’s a sweet thing to see a board surfed to its potential. If airs haven’t made it into your surfing repertoire then why soldier on with the same board as John John? Why not try something that enhances your surfing, by squeezing a few drops of soul into your bottom turns. If nothing else, you’ll discover a new sense of flow.

Surfing a twin fin is a really cruisy experience. But that’s not to say it’s easy. If you’re used to surfing a 6’0 thruster then you’ll need to adjust your approach. The more you flow, the more you’ll go. You turn fast, but you’ll get used to it. You’ll slide, but that’s fun.

[divider]Final word[/divider]

Having a twin fin in your quiver opens up a new world of fun when the waves are small and you’ve got nothing better to do than hit the water anyway. While this Misfit Beach Cloud surfboard is a classic fish, you’ll find that it won’t let you down when things get slightly more critical. There’s more than a touch of rocker to keep you from impaling the ocean on steep drops, and the refined concaves (subtle single concave through the entry running in to double concave through the middle) will keep you flying.

Want this board? Buy it from Surfstitch.


So, what’s next? Need some twin fin inspiration? Feel like watching Kelly surf tiny walls on a performance fish, dropping in on longboarders and generally having a fine old time?


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