Review: Novy Towel

Towels are a surprisingly new invention, with general consensus being that they originated in Turkey sometime during the 17th century. Turkish baths gave rise to Turkish towels (called pestamels), and the idea caught on like wild fire.

You may think that towels have reached evolutionary maturity. After all, what else could possibly be done to make them smarter?

A lot. And we were excited to find out more.

novy-wrapIntroducing Brian Currens and the team at Novy Towel

Brian Currens is a surfer and entrepreneur with an eye for product redesign. Focusing on the humble towel he has managed to create something practical, relevant and incredibly innovative.

In addition to providing secure changing and drying off, the Novy Towel’s possible applications are limited only by your imagination.

Some ideas include:

  • as a surfboard cover
  • protection for your car’s seat
  • easy hanging from virtually anywhere (trees, washlines, poles)
  • shade cover
  • baby carrier (at your own risk)
  • board protection
  • shoulder sling bag

Despite being the Swiss army knife of towels, it also happens to be soft, light, and can be folded down to a fraction of the size of a normal towel.

The Novy Towel has gone from a concept to a sound prototype, ensuring that exactly the right beads, buttons and material were incorporated in the final product.

We found it easy to start experimenting with the towel and discovering ways to maximise its potential. What struck me most of all is that this towel will be indispensable for surf travel.


Surf travel

As surfers we are already overloaded when we hit the road, so carrying a large beach towel is generally out of the question. The Novy Towel changes all of that, and has instantly found a place amongst my gear. I love smart accessories and this invention certainly falls into that category.

The team at Novy Towel are kicking off their Kickstarter campaign to bring this towel to the world, and we were stoked to have a first look.


  • Size: 55 inches X 32 inches
  • Weight: 0.85 lbs
  • Buttons: Black Nylon
  • Material: Micro Terry Cloth / Rip­Stop Nylon Corners
  • MSRP: $49.99
  • Kickstarter Discounted Price: $39.00

Check out some of the uses for the Novy Towel below.


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