Fashion: Sand Ocean Night

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This season’s surf fashion is all about subtle tones, so we’ve picked three of the best shades (sorry, no grey here!) to get you through. Style is simple. Choose colours that match your tones. Keep things clean and classy, but take opportunities to highlight what makes you different. Don’t follow others, create yourself.

In the theme of surfing, here we present sand, ocean and night.


The beauty of khaki need not be limited to safari adventurers. Cover yourself with shades of beige and highlight your personality with a bold piece, or sneakers that stand out.

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Tie die and stonewashed denim are back to play, so why not come along for the ride. Denim jackets are not just for cowboys. Double denim? Well that’s up to you! Triple denim (shoes included)… maybe not.

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What has night got to do with surfing? Everything. When we’re not at the beach we venture out into the darkness to seek out other worldly delights. Black is not an absence of colour, rather it is a colour of its own. The darkest in a spectrum that the human eye can recognise.

Disappear into the night with these classic black surf clothes.

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