Product Review: Reef Fanning Pack

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They have many names and not all are flattering: bum bags, moon bags, fanny packs and belt bags. It’s about time that a surf brand came to the table with a fully functional bum bag that makes this useful accessory a must-have fashion statement for serious surfers worldwide.

Thanks to the design team at Reef the wait is over. They’ve designed a genius new product that converts their popular Fanning Bottle Opener Sandals into a multi-functional fashion accessory that enables you to carry your sandals at your waist, along with a beer and so much more.

You can’t get more Aussie than three-time world champion, Mick Fanning, and Mick’s Reef Bottle Opener Sandals pretty much top the chart of the Aussie-est things ever invented.

The most Australian Inventions ever

According to us, that list goes:

  1. Fanning’s Bottle Opener Sandals
  2. Steve Irwin – watch him surfing here
  3. VB Ads – watch an ad from 1988
  4. Tracks Magazine
  5. Kuta during schoolies week

Well, right now edging it’s way up the ranks is the new Fanning Pack by Reef.

How it works

When you’ve had enough of wearing your sandals, simply slip them into the Fanning Pack with the beer bottle opener facing out. You’re now ready to crack open beers in record speed. No more hand cuts left by those tricky twist tops and no more needing to knock the bottle top off with your nearest fence or countertop. No more broken cigarette lighters or teeth. Simply grab a beer and crack it open in seconds, right at hip level.

Product features

1. Stubby holder

The Fanning Pack includes a stubby holder so that you can keep your beer cool while burning your steak on the barbeque. Or you can keep a spare within arm’s reach if you’re taking the dog for a walk, checking the surf, or just standing around talking to your crew.

2. Wet wipe dispenser

The Reef Bottle Opener sandals have received flak for being unhygienic. I mean, it is conceivable that you’ll someday step on a dog turd and transfer faeces onto the rim of your next cold one. Acknowledging this, Reef have included a tiny wet wipe dispenser so you can clean the opener blade before use. Clever!

3. Bottle top holder

No more need to surreptitiously dispose of those used bottle tops behind your mate’s sofa. Being an environmentally responsible company, Reef ensured that we leave no trace by including a strategically positioned bottle top pouch. Not only can you dispose of your bottle tops when you get home but you also get to show your buddies how many bottles you’ve enjoyed. It’s kind of like how native Americans used to carry scalps on their belts.

4. Pockets

Did we mention this invention is multipurpose? Well, not to be left wanting by more traditional fanny packs, you’ll find a spacious pocket right behind the sandal compartment, where you can stash your cash, your sunnies and anything else you’re sneaking into the party.

Product Issues

It’s not all sunny days with the Fanning Pack and we did wonder why the accessory can carry only one sandal. This design oversight means that you will either need to walk around in one sandal – handy if traversing hot tarmac or sand – or you’ll need to carry one sandal in your hand.

However, you’ve probably got this sorted by having two pairs of Bottle Opener sandals. After all, when it comes to sandals (called thongs in Australia) and bottle openers, it pays to be prepared.

CORRECTION: The Fanning Pack can comfortably carry both sandals. Crisis averted.

NOTE: This product is part of a REEF April Fool’s Day joke.